Supply Chain and Operations

In recent years, Supply Chain and Operations Management has exploded in importance in the consulting, retail, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing industriesWith this major, you'll learn from front-line problem-solvers and thought leaders in supply chain management, technological innovation, and business analytics, and you'll gain the skills and knowledge to design and enact the operational systems in service and manufacturing firms, whether as a business professional in these industries or a consultant to them. 

Supply Chain and Operations Management focuses on effectively, efficiently, and sustainably moving goods and services from source to consumption across all sectors, everywhere in the world. This efficient provision of services and movement and transformation of goods has never been so important, especially when it hinges on the interaction between firms, domestically and internationally.

Supply Chain and Operations is offered as a major or a minor.

Academy to consider: Supply Chain and Digital Enterprise

  • Major requirements: You must have at least 15 credit hours total. You must successfully complete all three required courses: P506, P520 and P561.
  • Major electives: Select at least five elective courses.
  • Outside courses: You must have three credit hours outside the major. The following general graduation requirement courses do not qualify as outside courses: A548, L507, X504, X505, X507, X515, X516, and X517.
  • Minor requirements: Select at least four courses.

STEM-designated Major

This major is STEM-designated by the US government, reflecting the curriculum’s focus on analytics, technology, and data-driven decision making. Learn more about this certification and what it means for US and international students.

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