Me, Inc.

The first step to leadership is understanding yourself.

With Kelley’s Me, Inc., you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of your personal story and how it connects to the next steps in your career even before your classes begin. Me, Inc. focuses on the individualized skills you’ll apply throughout your two years at Kelley and beyond. You’ll shape your personal brand, dive into career development and be on your way to understanding your leadership style. When you meet prospective employers during your first week of class, you’ll be ready.

Me, Inc.

See how Kelley’s award-winning career development program guides students to their own true success.

Through Me, Inc., you will:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of yourself—your personal brand and how to connect your past experiences to your future goals in a way that resonates with employers.
  • Build mentorship relationships through collaboration and teamwork—a hallmark of your Kelley education. You’ll work with first- and second-year students, getting honest feedback, starting lifelong relationships and taking ownership of your career path.
  • Work one-on-one with career coaches, faculty and staff for personal, relevant advice on your MBA and career focus.
  • Take a deep dive into your career development and get an introduction to our four-phase DNIP process—discover, network, interview, perform.

DNIP Is the Name of the Game
Facilitators prepare students for a deep dive exploration of their career path using Kelley’s four-phase DNIP (discover, network , interview, perform) process.

Breaking the Ice
On day one, students meet each other and learn about the program’s expectations.

Life Story Exercise
Students tell each other about the twists and turns on their journey to Kelley.

Team Huddle
Collaboration is a hallmark of the program, and students work in small teams to further develop their personal brand story.

Activate Your Brand
Students practice honing their personal brand stories through intensive feedback sessions with their peers.

Audience Approval
Students celebrate each other’s performance in the arena of personal brand building.

Speed Networking
In quick one-on-one sessions, students get a chance to meet each other, now with a polished personal story to share.

Coaching Session
Me, Inc. facilitators provide coaching to each student to provide feedback on their brand story and personal pitch skills so they’re ready to face potential employers.