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MBA Association

The student-led MBA Association facilitates communication between the MBA administration and the student body, and works toward a shared vision. The MBAA also oversees student activities and clubs.

Student Clubs

The Asian MBA Association (AMBAA) represents all students of Asian descent in the MBA program at the Kelley School of Business. AMBAA is a culturally oriented body that emphasizes diversity, community involvement, cross-cultural interaction and career success. It facilitates further engagement of diverse cultures and supports professional development through various professional and social initiatives. We are equally dedicated to building bridges to alumni to maximize the power of the AMBAA alumni network.

Rita Chou

The Association of Women MBAs at Kelley is dedicated to providing a supportive and open environment for all current, past, and future Kelley women to utilize so they can connect with and learn from each other to grow in the business world. We strive to be an inclusive community that celebrates and develops women as growing business leaders and engaged members of society. We are committed to providing and sponsoring initiatives that will deliver on our five key pillars of community, mentorship, professional development, prospective outreach, and local engagement here in Bloomington.

Haleemah Oyefiade

The Beer Club at Kelley aims to educate and to enhance members’ knowledge of the craft beer industry. The Beer Club considers the operations, marketing, and financial impacts of the small businesses involved and the unique challenges that face them. Events include beer tastings and brewery tours.

Ashley Johnson

The Black MBA Association (BMBAA) exists to offer a supportive academic and social community for Black students at Kelley, and provides opportunities and events that encourage the professional development, cultural enrichment, and social interaction of its members.

The BMBAA and its members are committed to increasing the number of diverse MBA candidates at Kelley, promoting cultural awareness across the greater Kelley community, and providing resources to help prepare and develop the next generation of business leaders.

Siafa Hage

Consulting Club at Kelley is a student-led organization that aids students who wish to build their careers in consulting. Members are invited and encouraged to attend events, seminars, and workshops that target professional development, focused networking, and interview preparation. We strive to provide understanding of the consulting industry and to prepare future consultants for what lies ahead.

To our members, Consulting Club dedicates:

  • To promote consulting employment opportunities to members through networking opportunities and events with recruiters
  • To facilitate professional development of members through case workshops and behavioral interview preparation
  • To sharpen analytical problem-solving skills, improve communication, promote teamwork, and develop interpersonal skills

Nick Chominski

The Kelley Diversity Champions serve as an extension of the Office for Diversity & Inclusion, providing additional support through education on inclusion efforts and assistance with diversity initiatives for the Full-Time MBA Program. They act as liaisons for student organizations and cohorts, and strive to ensure that all backgrounds and cultures are embraced and respected.

Tobi Ojo
Kelley Diversity Champions Creator

The Energy Club at Kelley is a student-run, cross-disciplinary, industry-focused club through the MBA Association at the Kelley School of Business. The Energy Club serves the diverse needs of full-time Kelley MBA students, from those who have a novice interest in how energy works to those pursuing careers in the energy industry.

Energy affects every aspect of life, as it does business. In the United States, energy consumption accounts for 9% of the US GDP ($1.31 trillion of $14.58 trillion). The world population is projected to grow 34% from 2011 to 2050 reaching a total of 9.3 billion people on earth. This growth will put a massive strain on the conventional finite energy resources popularly exploited worldwide. Energy investments in traditional and clean-tech energy industries, both start-up and mature, will be necessary to achieve the added energy demands of developing economies.

Welcome to the Energy Club, where you can step up and make a difference.

The Finance Club at Kelley offers members the opportunity to network with other finance enthusiasts and hone their technical interview skills.

With its large membership base, the club provides networking opportunities and interview preparation. The club also partners with Graduate Career Services, faculty, and alumni to host events aimed at maximizing exposure to corporate recruitment processes.

Monica Scinto

Sahaj Viradia

The mission of the Food Club at Kelley is to create a relaxed social forum for Kelley food lovers while also to educate the community about importance of healthy food. Whether you love to cook or just love to eat, the Food Club is the best way to experience the best food in the Bloomington area, while also making some great friends!

Julia Vela

The Global Business Society serves as the key resource for Kelley MBA students interested in international experiences, whether they are professional, social, or educational in nature. GBS serves its members by providing opportunities and resources related to international business career opportunities, study abroad, and courses/certificates available at Kelley.

The Golf Club at Kelley exists to empower MBA students to leverage golf’s networking opportunities throughout their careers. Club-hosted events are designed to be enjoyed by students of all experience levels and provide an opportunity to learn the game, gain confidence on the course, and strengthen career networks.

Charles Haas

Healthcare Club at Kelley is focused on building a community of students interested in healthcare and enhancing knowledge of the healthcare industry. The club helps to provide a better understanding of career opportunities across the industry, including several companies in the healthcare space that recruit at Kelley.

Sannchita Sethi

The High Tech Club at Kelley enables members to understand how technology influences business by increasing awareness of the latest tools, technologies, and trends being used across industries.

The High Tech Club is designed to both increase Kelley’s reputation for developing leaders in this industry and, more importantly, to help the Kelley MBA community succeed as tomorrow’s high technology leaders.

Arunima Sarkar

Human Capital Club (HCC) aims to educate the student body on the importance of human capital within their future companies to develop people management skills, and to provide access to employment opportunities and networks within human resources and human capital consulting.

Kristina King

The Innovators Club at Kelley aims to accelerate entrepreneurship in students, the community, and beyond, while providing an open environment that fosters a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. The Innovators Club seeks to empower students with the tools necessary to examine, evaluate, and embark on novel ventures.

Ted Coleman

The Investment Club at the Kelley School of Business is focused on providing its members with a variety of opportunities to enhance, broaden, and improve knowledge of and exposure to investing and managing money for both professional and personal uses.

Ryan Lambert

The Jewish Association of MBAs at the Kelley School of Business is dedicated to creating and inspiring an active and vibrant Jewish community within Kelley and on the IU campus as a whole. By sponsoring philanthropic, social, and educational activities, we encourage participants to build lasting relationships between Jewish students and local Jewish organizations, and to create a stronger sense of commitment to Jewish values.

Hal Beresford

Kids Club at Kelley is a group within the Partners Club made specifically for families with kids at Kelley. We plan activities and outings to help Kelley families make new friends, share information, and assimilate into life in Bloomington. Most of all, Kids Club’s goal is to provide ongoing support for families during their MBA experience.

Amanda Johnson

The Latino MBA Association at Kelley is a student-run organization that strives to foster the relationships between the Kelley School and Latino students, faculty, corporations, and institutions; provide professional development opportunities; and celebrate the Latino culture. The LMBAA also engages with not only the Kelley community but with the greater Hispanic/Latino community at IU and the Bloomington area. The association is open to all nationalities, and we encourage everyone to learn more about the Latino culture.

Jesse Pizarro

Conchita Linares

The Luxury Marketing Club at Kelley exists to educate students about and inspire them through the professional opportunities available within retail and luxury goods markets. Members are privy to an assortment of unique benefits such as seminars, networking panels, and guest speakers.

Alex Collins

As the largest club at Kelley, the Marketing Club at Kelley provides our members opportunities to develop their professional skills and to network with faculty and alumni, industry professionals, and each other.

Our Goals:

  • Educate—what it means to be a marketer across various industries
  • Prepare—for on- and off-campus networking and interviewing to differentiate Kelley marketers from other top MBA programs
  • Network—build a network of world-class marketers to leverage at Kelley and beyond

Danielle VeZolles

Net Impact is a powerful and influential network of more than 10,000 MBA students and professionals committed to using the power of business to improve the world. Net Impact was founded in 1993 as Students for Responsible Business in order to promote and enhance values and ethics in the private sector. Today, Net Impact activities are focused on managing the triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit—in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.

The Net Impact chapter at Kelley continues to grow and was recently recognized by national headquarters with Gold Chapter status. Originally created in 2008, the Kelley chapter continues to progress from previous developments such as social impact curriculum integration, career resources and development, and an ever-expanding national network of passionate young students and professionals. Our vision is to foster an engaged and thoughtful community of leaders committed to advancing social impact at Kelley and in business.

Aman Khanna

Out@Kelley is dedicated to empowering Kelley MBA LGBTQ+ students and allies to become equality-oriented leaders in the business world.

Our goals are to increase awareness and participation among Kelley MBA students across a variety of LGBTQ+ related events, to increase LGBTQ+ applicants to Kelley, and to further prepare and educate students about the opportunities and challenges of being an LGBTQ+ MBA student and business leader. We achieve this by leveraging relationships with recruiters, undergraduates, alumni, and other grad students.

Tyler Ray

Ian Hernadez

The Outdoors Club at Kelley bridges the gap between students and outdoor activities including hiking, camping, canoeing, and a large variety of alternative outdoor activities. Many students are active in the outdoors, but not familiar with the opportunities in the southern Indiana area. This club is not only beneficial for those individuals—it is also vital for the introduction of the outdoors to students who have not had the opportunity to get involved in the outdoors.

The premise of this club is to instill awareness, create an engaging environment for learning, and establish relationships between students that go beyond the normal functions within the university atmosphere. A special bond is made between people when they open themselves up to new experiences, and we make that easier for people from a variety of backgrounds.

Dan Raynard

Matt Tesmond

The Partners Club at Kelley is a unique and inclusive organization comprising the significant others and families of students attending the Kelley School of Business MBA program. Our partners include husbands, wives, fiancés, fiancées, girlfriends, and boyfriends from around the world. The Partners Club organizes social, cultural, and informational activities for its members and provides opportunities to get involved in activities at Indiana University and around Bloomington. The Partners Club is a supportive network fostering a friendly environment for partners to spend time with others facing the same back-to-school challenges. As a member, you will receive frequent updates that highlight our upcoming activities, as well as Kelley and community news.

Connor Putnal

The Real Estate Club strives to provide educational experiences, networking opportunities, recruiting contacts, and other career services to those MBA students who are seeking a career in the real estate industry. We work closely with accomplished real estate professionals in all areas of the industry at Indiana University and in the surrounding community to set up MBA students on a successful career path.

Nishita Virodula

The Soccer Club at Kelley aims to bring people from diverse cultures and backgrounds closer through the game of soccer. This includes all sets of people—from those who love to play soccer to those who just want to get together to watch a game. Men and women of all skill sets are welcome to play in the weekly pickup games.

Peter Gordon

SOMA is a student-run club focused on enhancing student knowledge of operations management, decision sciences, and supply chain management while improving students’ experience at Kelley—as well as building a network of professionals interested in operations and supply chain.

SOMA’s activities are grouped into four segments:

  • External Affairs develops corporate relations through guest lectures, plant tours and facilitated workshops.
  • Internal Affairs maintains effective communications between SOMA and other relevant Kelley constituents such as the Supply Chain and Digital Enterprise Academy, undergraduate student organizations, and recruiters.
  • Student Affairs improves the students’ experience at Kelley through social events, teambuilding events, tutoring, and project advice.
  • Professional Development helps to prepare fellow students for successful careers through interview preparation, mentoring, shared experiences, and job search–related networking.

SOMA’s executive team also works closely with the Supply Chain and Digital Enterprise Academy directors in developing programs and Academy content. Students are encouraged to participate in SOMA, not only for its many valuable contributions, but also as an opportunity to practice leadership. SOMA's leaders and the Supply Chain and Digital Enterprise Academy directors also hope to foster a sense of stewardship and learn the important lesson of always leaving organizations better than what you found.

Komal Preet

The mission of the Toastmasters Club at Kelley is to provide a supportive environment for Kelley MBA students to improve our public speaking confidence and skills. It is only through practice that we can become more effective communicators and therefore better leaders.

Arunima Choudhury

Vishi Singh

The Veterans Club at Kelley connects students that are actively serving or have previously served in their nation’s armed forces. Students are able to share their experiences, socialize, and help each other prepare for academics, recruiting, and the corporate world while celebrating each other’s shared history in the military. The club also serves to provide a network of support as veterans transition out of military service.

The Veterans Club’s mission is to provide Kelley MBA veterans with the opportunity to connect and assist each other with professional development, raise awareness about military skills and values among the Kelley community, and support the Kelley MBA admissions department in promoting the value of the program to prospective veteran students.

Our Goals:

  • Bring US and foreign veterans together to socialize and build friendships based on their shared military history
  • Create a network of veterans who help each other to prepare for academics, networking, interviews, and their future careers
  • Highlight to the student body, the administration, and recruiters the value that military experience provides
  • Give back to the Bloomington veteran community as well as the IU undergraduate student veterans association
  • Connect veterans with career development resources and ensure they have multiple opportunities to prepare for their job search

Our Activities:

  • Monthly social/professional gatherings
  • Guided preparation for career conferences
  • National MBA Veterans Conference and Career Fair
  • Veterans Day Barbecue
  • Toys4Tots Drive
  • Paintball Tournament
  • Ross Veterans Leadership Conference

Cameron Johnson

The Wine Club at Kelley seeks to provide students with an educational setting to learn about domestic and international wines and spirits. In addition, we invite the student body to gain an understanding of what role beverages play in international cultures. We also provide the opportunity to understand the business side of the industry, including winemaking, distilling, and distribution methods. Wine plays a role in many business settings; learn the proper way to order wine at a business dinner and what foods to pair with a particular varietal.

Cassie Deguzman

MBA Culture Night

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Kelley students actively look for opportunities to learn, challenge, encourage, and engage—in and out of the classroom. More than 99% of Kelley MBAs join the MBA Association and participate in its clubs and committees.

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Beyond Kelley’s organizations, Indiana University—a Big Ten school—offers more than 650 student organizations and activities to get involved in. 

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