Career Transition

When violinist Ellen Gartner Phillips, MBA’15, decided to switch careers, she knew she would need assistance in translating her skills to business. At Kelley, Ellen transformed her drive as a performer into success as a business leader. She is now working as a consultant with Deloitte.

Description of the video:

The Core curriculum at Kelley is incredibly challenging. It stretches you in ways that you don't know you need to be stretched, but it definitely prepares you for that next step into the corporate world. I remember being four weeks into the program and being very unsure of whether I'd made the right decision to come back. But as I started to get feedback, as I started to get grades back, I started to realize that I was really learning and embraced all of the information that I was being fed as I moved through the remainder of the Core.

One of the best experiences at Kelley was finishing the Core case competition and really appreciating how much we had all developed as individuals, but how close we had also come as a team. The second semester of first-year is a really busy time with the GLOBASE [Global Business and Social Enterprise] and EME [Emerging Markets Experience] trips happening over Spring Break. And of course, classes and having to balance all of that work at the same time.

Going abroad and getting to do work in Ghana was an incredibly eye-opening experience. It gave me an appreciation for global business and the relationships that have to be built in order to do that successfully. For me, GLOBASE was an incredibly rewarding experience. It had given me some real-life experience when it came to working in teams, developing myself as a leader, as well as having an appreciation for how other cultures do business. I definitely felt prepared and ready to go into my summer and continue to learn while on the job. But I definitely felt like I was ready to go out and do that, and it was amazing to see how much I had developed over the nine months before that.