Here's what it takes to succeed as a Kelley MBA.

We want to make sure Kelley is a good match for you and your career change—that’s why the admissions review process for our top-ranked Full-Time MBA Program is selective. You don’t need an undergraduate business degree for success at Kelley—just great academic potential. We do expect you to:

  • Understand algebra
  • Know your way around a spreadsheet
  • Have a baseline knowledge of statistics

As we look at applications, we’ll evaluate your:

Academic record

You’ll need to provide transcripts with your cumulative grade point average from each institution you’ve attended and final transcripts certifying you’ve earned an undergraduate degree.

International students: You’ll also need to document that your degree is the recognized equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree.

GMAT or GRE scores

You can submit your scores from either the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). If you take the exams more than once, we’ll consider your best scores and look for a balance of verbal and quantitative ability.

The Kelley School’s Full-Time MBA program admits high-potential applicants into our academically rigorous curriculum. We typically require the GMAT or GRE as one demonstration of quantitative and analytic capability. In light of the recent challenges associated with taking standardized tests, candidates may apply for a waiver of this requirement and submit other evidence of their academic qualifications. We expect to award a limited number of waivers to candidates with otherwise strong qualifications. In evaluating waiver requests, we consider many factors, including rigor and achievement from previous undergraduate and graduate degrees, evidence of work experience requiring analytical and quantitative skills, and post–bachelor’s degree career growth including demonstration of leadership. 

To request a GMAT/GRE waiver, you must complete the following two steps:

  1. Complete and submit our online information request form (to ensure that we have your most current contact information); and
  2. Submit via email ( a current professional resume, your unofficial or official undergraduate transcripts (and graduate school transcripts, if applicable), and a brief statement (300 words or less) summarizing why you believe you qualify for a waiver.

You should receive a response to your request within one week of submission.

Professional experience

Most of our applicants are at least two years into their career. Your resume should detail your responsibilities, skills, accomplishments, leadership aptitude and existing business acumen.

Leadership ability

Kelley has a culture of collaboration, recognizing that successful leaders are also successful team members. Your community service, campus involvement and career trajectory should demonstrate that you understand both what it takes to lead and how to work well with others.


We want to get to know you better! Take this opportunity to shine while demonstrating your:

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership experience
  • Career goals

Let us know what you bring to the MBA Program and how joining the Kelley family will benefit you.

Letters of recommendation

We request one letter of recommendation to gain a more complete understanding of your professional performance. Your recommender should be someone who can comment meaningfully on this. A current or recent supervisor is preferred.

Kelley Accelerated Admissions Program for college seniors

Why wait? We'll save you a spot.

If you are a college senior and know an MBA is in your future, apply for deferred admission to the Kelley Full-Time MBA Program before you leave college. You can enter the workforce knowing your opportunity to get an MBA at a top-ranked school is secure.

Qualified candidates will be offered admission to the program on a deferred basis, with the expectation that they gain at least two years of full time, professional work experience prior to enrollment.


Kelley Values

Learn more about what drives Kelley MBA students and the values that shape our culture.

Description of the video:

Speaker 1:

For me, it was really all about fit.

Speaker 2:

I was really thinking about where I wanted to go next in life.

Speaker 3:

I want to be able to influence in a really big way.

Speaker 4:

I want to be a global leader.

Speaker 5:

I want my work to have a positive influence on people.

Speaker 1:

And what I wanted to do is work in an environment where I really feel that I am uniquely adding value to that company.

Speaker 6:

When I came on campus, I visited a number of different programs, and this was the first one that really felt like home.

Speaker 7:

You look at the statistics first off, and it's 100% internship placement, 95% job placement afterwards.

Speaker 4:

But for me, it was the culture that made a difference.

Speaker 8:

That is the thing about Kelley culture. It's an alien concept when you start out, but it starts to grow on you.

Speaker 9:

The moment you step on campus is the moment you start giving back to campus.

Speaker 3:

I want to be involved. I want to give back. I've taken on many different leadership roles here.

Speaker 5:

How do you move a group of people towards the common goal?

Speaker 10:

You learn how to lead in different ways. You know, knowing the right time to lean in.

Speaker 11:

Committing yourself to something greater than, outside of yourself, more than yourself.

Speaker 10:

The other times when it's not your turn, to step back and have the grace to know the right balance between those.

Speaker 12:

People have to develop their own style while they're here to be able to succeed.

Speaker 8:

I don't think that is any individual here at Kelley who does not want to be successful, but at the same time, I don't think there’s any individual who only wants to be successful by himself.

Speaker 9:

Even though we're competing for the same jobs, we're all on the same team.

Speaker 13:

And although we are still very competitive amongst each other, we're also willing to help each other out.

Speaker 9:

If they get it, I get it because I am Kelley and they are Kelley.

Speaker 1:

There's this drive towards excellence that forces us to rise to that next level.

Speaker 9:

I came to a two-year program because I want the experience with my fellow classmates and I want to bring them to bring their A game every day in class.

Speaker 14:

The fact that there's a community at Kelley that kind of helps utilize everyone's skills.

Speaker 15:

People are very willing to open up and have an open mind to the backgrounds of where you're coming from. And also your perspective.

Speaker 4:

The day I moved in to Bloomington, since that day I've never felt that I was an outsider.

Speaker 16:

A lot of business programs make you just like everybody else. And what I think Kelley does is makes you into a better version of yourself.

Application Deadlines

Domestic and International Applicants

FirstOctober 15By December 20
Deposit due 
March 1
SecondJanuary 5By March 15
Deposit due 
May 1
ThirdMarch 1By April 30
Deposit due 
4 weeks 
after notification
FinalApril 15By May 31
Deposit due 
4 weeks 
after notification

A Consortium School

As one of three founding schools of The Consortium, we strive to enhance diversity in business education. Eligible applicants should complete the Consortium application instead of Kelley’s application to be considered for a Consortium fellowship covering full tuition and fees.

Forté Foundation Member School

As a Forté Foundation member school, Kelley works to increase the number of women business leaders by awarding multiple Forté Fellowships to women entering our MBA Program each year. No need to apply—you'll automatically be considered.

Kelley 2021 Class Profile

Class size: 135
Women: 33%
Minorities: 24%
International: 36%
Average age: 29
Average work experience: 5.6 years
Percent with full-time work experience: 99%
Average GMAT: 666
Average GPA: 3.34