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Experience the culture and community of our Full-Time MBA Program for yourself, before you decide.

Choosing a full-time MBA program is a big decision. We invite you to talk with our faculty, staff and students to learn more about our program and what it has to offer you.

Discover what it means to be a Kelley by speaking with a current student, joining us for a virtual roundtable discussion, scheduling a counseling session, or taking a virtual tour of the Godfrey Graduate & Executive Education Center, home of the Kelley MBA Program.

Our admissions team and alumni will also be available to meet you at virtual and in-person MBA recruitment events. And, of course, you can request information or contact us at any time.

Please contact us at if you would like to set up a phone call or meeting via Skype with a member of the admissions team to learn more about the program.

Kelley invests in you.

Professors, Academy directors, staff, alumni, students—and even a student’s partner—share how they invest in Kelley MBA students and each other. You’ll experience the Kelley community’s support before classes even start, and you’ll rely on it as you progress through the program, secure an internship, and make decisions about your career.

Description of the video:

Idie Kesner, Dean, Kelley School of Business:
Hello, I'm Idie Kesner, dean of the Kelley School of Business. I want you to know how important our Full-Time MBA students are to the Kelley School. In this video, our professors, students, alumni, and staff share the many ways they invest in you.

Gale Nichols, Executive Director, MBA Program: 
This is not a cookie-cutter MBA program. When you become a Kelley MBA you join a tight-knit community of students and families, faculty, staff, and alumni. All of us invest in each other and all of us will invest in you.

Kyle Cattani, MBA Program Chair:
I invest in you by working with our faculty to develop a curriculum that will meet your needs.

Emily Stern, Director of Student Services and Global Programs:
I invest in you by helping you customize your education to meet your professional goals.

Ash Soni, Executive Associate Dean for Academic Programs:
I invest in you by collaborating with universities worldwide so that you can have global experiences and awareness.

Tatiana Kolovou, Senior Lecturer, Communication Skills: 
I invest in you, so with your MBA, your ideas always get approved.

Regina Funk, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Graduate Programs:
One of the key things that I want students to take away from the modules, from the trainings that I do on diversity and inclusion, is I want them to understand that diversity includes everyone.

Tobi Ojo, MBA Student, MBAA VP for Diversity and Inclusion, Founding Leader of the Diversity Champions:
As diversity champion, I invest in you by making sure you can be your authentic self at all times.

Justin Speller, MBA Student, MBAA President:
I invest in you by making sure that you feel at home in your class and overall at Kelley.

Connor Putnal, MBA Student, Partners Club President:
I invest in you by creating a safe space for both you and your family.

Rita Chou, MBA Student, Asian MBAA President, Diversity Champion:
I invest in you by expanding your cultural awareness.

Regina Funk:
I invest in you because you are tomorrow's inclusive leaders.

Jim Holmen, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid: 
It's really an opportunity for people to stop out, spend two years focused on their own professional and personal development with a lot of help and support from the members of the Kelley community.

Eric Johnson, Executive Director, Graduate Career Services:
I invest in you by trying to be the best individual coach I can each and every day.

Janice Brown, Associate Director of Financial Aid:
I invest in students by providing them the assistance they need with work opportunities, financial aid, and everything they need to know about living and learning here in Bloomington.

Suzanne Fodor, Associate Director, Graduate Career Services:
Sometimes when we think of a dream career, we think of this kind of nebulous, "Oh, this is what I would like." But it's lovely to see that synergy between somebody defining the dream and then beginning to define action steps, alums they can connect with that bring them closer to that.

Daniel Bernardes, MBA’20:
As a Kelley alumni, I will invest in you with sharing my time, sharing my experiences, and doing my very best to open doors for you.

Haleemah Oyefiade, MBA Student, Kelley Women President:
I invest in you by empowering you to be your best self.

Kyle Bender, MBA Student, Peer Coach:
I invest in you by listening, listening to your hopes and dreams and helping you chart a path, to ensure that you get to where you want to go while here at the Kelley School of Business.