Life at Kelley

Life as a Kelley MBA student

As a Kelley MBA student, you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded by talented and highly motivated peers from all over the world. We encourage you to learn about our student-led clubs and organizations and a range of initiatives designed to connect you with peers who will support, motivate and inspire you, and enable you to be your true self.

What’s the life of an MBA student like at Kelley?

When you read the Full-Time MBA Program blog, you'll learn about the program through the eyes of first- and second-year students. You'll learn about recruiting tips, exciting milestones, important lessons learned about leadership and friendship, and much more. And you'll also hear from some of our alumni.

Visit campus or talk to students

You'll get a better feel for our program if you are able to visit campus. Also, check out our options for talking with students and staff in person or virtually.



Kelley sets you up for success throughout our program with academic support, certified career coaching, real-world experiences, mentors, and more.

We want our students to begin our program with confidence and to be well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead. You’ll experience this support and commitment to your success in many forms throughout your two years with us. Here are some examples:

  • Kelley’s Jump Start includes optional classes in business fundamentals that help you transition back to the classroom.
  • Me, Inc. shows you how to define your personal brand and prepare for networking with prospective employers.
  • Mock interviews with your peer coach let you practice for the real event.
  • Kelley’s Academies give you an in-depth understanding of the companies and roles in your chosen field and connect you with alumni willing to share their expertise.
  • Academy projects and initiatives like GLOBASE provide you the hands-on opportunity to build skills that will let you shine during your internship.

Because of my experiences in the Consumer Marketing Academy, which included a project similar to the one I was later assigned during my internship with General Mills, I felt like I knew what to do on day one.

Cassie Deguzman, MBA'21 Associate Brand Manager, General Mills

Me, Inc. was transformational beyond my expectations. I thought I knew who I was going into the program but learned so much more about myself throughout the Me, Inc. process.

Monica Scinto, MBA’21 Senior Consultant in Finance, EY

Career coaches and second-year MBA mentors help when it counts (whenever you need it)

Our certified executive career coaches provide our students with the same level of coaching that C-suite executives receive. Your second-year MBA mentor wants you to succeed and will draw from his or her own recent experiences, sharing insights, for example, into networking and navigating the Integrated Core, an intense 15-week program that provides a strong, coordinated foundation in business fundamentals.

Career coaches and peer mentors put a premium on getting to know you and your goals. Expect them to listen closely and to remind you of your vision and values when you have important decisions to make.

I definitely feel like the Kelley community has my best interests at heart. I was worried about an interview I had coming up because it was more like a coffee chat than a formal interview, so I texted my peer mentor at the last minute. We were able to get on the phone within an hour to help me know what to expect.

Nakia Lee, MBA’22 candidate

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Whether you arrive solo or with a family, move here from across the country or overseas, you’ll find your niche. The MBA program provides resources, such as a housing guide, employment assistance for partners, and outreach efforts by student leaders to help with your transition.