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At Kelley, we prepare you for a new business career like no one else can. We do this by teaching the functional skills necessary to succeed, but also focusing on your personal transformation—honing your strengths and developing effective leadership skills. Your certified career coach will work with you one-on-one to find the career path that best fits you and your goals.

This level of preparation is recognized by top companies who return to Kelley year after year to hire our talented MBA students.

Leadership development begins even before classes through our Me, Inc. orientation program. Once classes begin, you’ll learn leadership by leading real-world projects, participating in student-led global business initiatives and studying and analyzing leadership in every class we teach.

From a strong foundation in business fundamentals to a deep understanding of yourself, our program provides a holistic, transformative education that prepares you for success. Tailor your degree to your interests through majors/minorsjoint degreescertificates and electives.

Putting academics into practice, your Academy delivers real career experience in your industry of focus and puts you in front of top companies.

You’ll work with our world-ranked Graduate Career Services and a career coach who truly gets to know you, helps you discover your passion and translates it toward specific functions and industries. We’ll help you tell your story in a way that gets responses from recruiters.

The level of individualized attention throughout the MBA Program results in students prepared to contribute on their first day of the job, and results in Kelley being a top recruiting destination. Kelley's reputation helps open doors wherever your career goals may take you. Review our career statistics to learn more about career outcomes for Kelley MBA students.

Not only is our program among the top in the world, so is our location—Bloomington, Indiana, a “top college town” with an “amazing college campus”—where you will be surrounded by natural beauty, enjoy a low cost of living and live in a community nationally noted as a best place for food, theater, music and adventure.

When you join Kelley, you also join more than 127,000 alumni, a network of business connections who work to advance their fellow alumni. Kelley alumni are leading business in every state and on six continents.

Description of the video:

My husband was on LinkedIn. And he said, "Did you see the note from Kelley on LinkedIn? Some of the internships that had been scheduled and accepted and planned have fallen through."

So it seemed like it was a perfect opportunity for me to one, to get a talented person that could help our business grow and adapt to this changing post-COVID world. And two, yeah, I think there was some sense of wanting to give back, or at least to stay connected to the university.

Once I graduated, I've always been very open to helping interns or helping first year students, second year students, when they have questions, they reach out to me. Some of the value and key insights that Aki brought was just the different way we do marketing. So for example, he is very analytical. He looked at our data, he identified opportunities.

And so I reached out and said, "You know, I'm at a company. It's Rare Beauty Brands and I need some help. And is there anybody that would be willing to help?" We have Sudiptaa and she is on one of our other brands that we're working. Then Tyler got all his Patchology, and then Xenia, who supports both Patchology and Plant Apothecary. I hope they know how valuable they are and how wonderful they are.

One of the things that stood out about Riece is how she would yell at me. And she wouldn't just say something just to make me feel good, you know, or just to appease me. It was like, if she knew that this was the right answer, or if this was, what I was doing didn't make sense or wasn't helpful, she was really direct about it. And that's what I need because you get in your own head sometimes and you need another set of eyes and somebody who's honest, who's going to really pick apart some of the weaknesses.

This internship experience between me, my startup and the Kelley MBAs has met, but exceeded expectation. I knew I was getting good quality, right? I knew I was getting very capable people, very scrappy people, very fun people, people willing to collaborate, people willing to cooperate. I knew I was going to get that. I think I didn't understand how desperately I needed that.

Description of the video:

Tyler Ray, Full-Time MBA student: I found out the news about my internship being canceled towards the end of April. And I was pretty stunned.

Ruben Figueroa, Full-Time MBA student: When I was looking at the news and how everything was going up with the pandemic and myself still looking for an internship, seeing my classmates already with their locked internships, I did get a little bit nervous.

Akihiro Kohiyama, Full-Time MBA student: As an international student, everything was already very challenging. But then the pandemic broke out. It became even harder.

Tyler: When you had spent basically your whole year working really hard to get an internship and finding out that it no longer was what you were expecting, I knew that I wanted to still find something. I couldn't give up.

When I came across a rare beauty opportunity, it really was up my alley as far as what I wanted to do post-MBA. Working with Tara [Tara Morill, General Manager and Brand Director, Rare Beauty Brands, Kelley alum] has been great because she's been more of a coach than almost like a boss. She had been through the CMA [Consumer Marketing Academy] just like I had. She knew Jonlee.

Ruben: I am entering this summer in Firmatek. The CEO Lauren Elmore, she's a Kelley alum. She opened the doors for me to go work with them, understanding the whole situation that is going on.

Akihiro: I was very excited when I found out I would be interning with Discoverlist. Susana is a consumer marketing expert. She always follows up with me, making sure that I have any questions. I'm definitely learning from her.

Ruben: There are no barriers between us, the students, and the alums from Kelley. It's like an inherent connection that we make.

Tyler: Anybody who is a Kelley, I knew that they would be very friendly and absolutely willing to help. That's a consistent thread throughout and I just saw it through the whole recruiting process of my first year.

Akihiro: I feel like everything is coming to fruition now. We will eventually become alumni as well. But since we are getting a lot from the current alumni, we are getting the motivation to give back eventually as alumni.

Ruben: So I've been check-marking all of my goals so far. I achieved my goal of working with an American company, and that's thoroughly thanks to the university and especially the Kelley alums and Kelley network that we have, which is vast. Everywhere you look, you can find someone from Kelley.

MBA career coaching

For engineers and other technical professionals, speaking the “language” of business can be intimidating. Alex Aghajanian, MBA’17, knew she needed functional business skills to transition to a decision-making role in her industry. The career coaches at the Kelley Full-Time MBA Program enabled her to translate her strengths, passions and values into the right career.

Description of the video:

Coming into my MBA as an engineer, I was very intimidated. I know all the technical terms really well, how to troubleshoot, but I don't really have that strategy or any of those types of business lingo skills. And so I was very intimidated coming back. But through the Me, Inc. process, it really showed that my values and what I liked out of my previous job was working in that industry, and it really confirmed that path for me through Me, Inc. But it kind of led me down a different path. I always thought operations was where I was headed, but I was able to figure out that product management was a really interesting role for me and that my skills as an engineer were very transferable there.

So Graduate Career Services or what we like to call GCS has been really helpful. They've brought a ton of companies on campus. They have networking nights the first week of class, so you're constantly interacting with companies, developing relationships with these companies. It makes it a lot easier when you're dropping a resume to get an interview because you have had that face-to-face time.

My career coach, Rebecca, has really helped with my transition from a technical background as an engineer into a less technical post-MBA role. And through that, it's mock interviews. She asks me questions and challenges me to not deliver very technical answers. A lot of the projects that I was working on can get very technical very quickly. So she tries to help me keep it very high-level, so that anyone can understand them.

My peer coach has also helped me with this transition and she's your first line before you want to bring it to your career coach. She's always available to help you. I think the career coaching here at Kelley has really helped me be more confident in my background and the skills, and how the skills that I'm learning here at Kelley, combined with my skills that I've gotten from an engineering degree, have really positioned me in a good way for my post-MBA career goals.