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James Georgiou and I created a robust and variable Excel simulation for a private hospital in Romania. This simulation will help our client make future decisions regarding capital expenditures and service mix. During the field study, we had to use technical and professional skills learned from our undergraduate and MBA experiences.”Nick Schmidt, 3/2 MBA ’22

If you are considering getting an MBA, the real question is ‘why not choose the 3/2 MBA program? It cuts a whole year out of the MBA process. I expected to get an MBA at some point in my career, so the best time was while I was still in "studying mode" before the opportunity cost of stepping back from my career could be a factor. The degree went beyond building technical skills—it expanded my network, built my communication and presentation skills, and increased my self-awareness and self-confidence.

Monica Funk, 3/2 MBA’17, Tax Supervisor at RSM US, Chicago

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Kent Inglehart’s passion for business became a reality with the 3/2 MBA

Kent Inglehart, 3/2 MBA’12, discusses how he gained the analytical skills and business fundamentals needed to turn his passion for business into a successful career.

Description of the video:

Keith Inglehart:
I've always had a passion for doing business. When I did 3/2, I felt like I came out with a raw set of analytical skills. I came out with the
fundamentals of business. I've used those basic building-block skills to be able to achieve the success that I've had in business thus far.

The idea of integrating an MBA into my undergrad education seemed really appealing to me, and you come out more qualified than if you had just gotten your undergraduate degree.

Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care is a 75-year-old Indiana-owned and -operated retailer of eyewear goods and services. My job at Dr. Tavel entails basically everything that you could possibly imagine in a business, so finance, marketing, human resources, running our optical lab, our retail locations. Anything required for us to run our business is something that I'm involved in.

Business is a series of personal interactions and decisions driven by a solid analysis, solid human interaction skills, and I think those are things that I learned in 3/2 which will help me be successful regardless of the business environment.

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