Prerequisite Courses

Build a strong foundation for success.

The 3/2 MBA is designed for current Kelley School of Business undergraduate students interested in careers in accounting or finance-influenced accounting opportunities, such as deal advisory and valuation.

Applicants can be considered as early as their sophomore year. The 3/2 MBA prerequisites must be completed before students enter the 3/2 MBA Program.

  • General education
  • I-Core (recommended no later than fall of junior year due to course sequencing)
  • Accounting and finance requisite courses
    • BUS-A314: Communicating Accounting Analytics (1 cr; A355 meets course requirement)
    • BUS-A311: Intermediate Accounting I (3 cr; P: A304 and A306; A310 cannot substitute)
    • BUS-A325: Cost Accounting (3 cr; P: A304 and A306; A324 cannot substitute)
    • BUS-A329: Taxes and Decision Making (3 cr; P: A304 and A306; A327 cannot substitute)
    • BUS-F303: Intermediate Investments (3 cr; P: I-Core)
    • BUS-F305: Intermediate Corporate Finance (3 cr; P: I-Core)
    • BUS-A319: Financial and Transactional Consulting (3cr; P: Admission or application to 3/2 MBA program is required prior to enrollment. Contact Graduate Accounting Programs for permission to enroll into the course.)
  • All other requirements of majors and minors
  • NOTE: 3/2 MBA students do not enroll in the following courses while an undergraduate: A312, A337, A424, E202/B252, L375, or J375.

See your Kelley School Undergraduate Programs advisor or contact the Graduate Accounting Programs office at for more information.

Application deadlines

The 3/2 MBA program is open to Kelley undergraduates in accounting and finance. Please apply by December 1 of your junior year.


Invest in your future

For the class of 2022, 100% of students received job offers in their field by graduation.


The Kelley advantage

By earning your BS and MBA degrees in five years, you’ll spend one less year in school than you would in a traditional MBA program, saving both time and money.