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Accessing Kelley Advising

During the summer months, advising will be available by appointment only. Drop-ins will resume closer to the start of classes in August.


30-minute appointments about academic goals and long- term planning will have more availability before and after the period where students are actively enrolling for the next semester. Plan ahead and utilize the menu of advising options all year long!

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Advising Tips

Soar : Listed majors, academic advising report, GPA, & advising notes

Email : for general questions

For important dates and deadlines, refer to the IUB Registrar Calendar

Official Academic Calendar

Get the guidance you need, at your convenience.

Whether you just have a quick question or want to discuss your future, Kelley advisors are a resource for helping you with planning your undergraduate journey. See the guide below for the best way to find answers from the Kelley Undergraduate Advising Office.

Staff at the front desk are able to answer many of the questions you might have and provide you with important forms or instructions. Ask them about:

  • How to transfer a course to IU Admissions
  • How to change your major
  • How to declare a minor
  • How to find other Kelley offices
  • Important dates on the academic calendar

Many of your questions could be answered via email. Send a message to to ask about:

  • Adding a business minor
  • Transferring credits
  • Important dates and deadlines
  • General advising questions

Monday through Friday, Kelley offers drop-in advising for quick questions. Drop-in advising meetings last no more than 15 minutes and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis with any available advisor. Due to the limited time available, one topic is typically addressed at a drop-in advising session, such as:

  • Semester schedule changes
  • Course planning for one semester in the future
  • Clarifying policies or deadlines

Made ahead of time with a specific advisor, 30-minute academic advising appointments allow students to have a more in depth conversation with an advisor. Advising appointments are necessary if you have more complex questions or concerns, such as:

  • 4-year / graduation planning
  • Academic goal setting (e.g., incorporating honors, study abroad, and student organizations into overall academic plan)
  • Major and career exploration
  • Major and co-major planning and sequencing
  • Concerns about academic success

Make the most of Kelley Advising. Come prepared.

Your advising experience will be most successful if you plan ahead. Here are some things to expect when you work with the Kelley Advising office.

  • Drop-in advising allows a student to join at their desired time, but students are seen on a first come, first served basis. You may have to wait—plan accordingly and consider joining when you have homework or other things to work on while you wait. Wait times can reach 30–60 minutes during the first two weeks of the semester and during enrollment season.
  • While your advisor will help you plan your course of study, they will not actually enroll you. You will need to enroll on your own.
  • Come prepared with questions and a list of items to be accomplished during the meeting.
  • Be professional when communicating with our office, including via email.

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