Curriculum Overview

A variety of prerequisites will prepare you for taking I-Core. All I-Core prerequisites must be completed with a minimum grade of C. Some I-Core prerequisites also have prerequisites or co-requisites. You’ll work with your academic advisor to navigate your semester courses and balance credit hours with class topics. 

These classes taken during your first three years are the talent management component of the Kelley curriculum. You’ll work with faculty, business professionals, and student teams to define your values and your goals, refine your interpersonal and teamwork abilities, and develop the practical and professional skills and tools required to succeed in business. 

  • Kelley Compass 1: The Individual
    • Encourages you to delve into understanding yourself. You will learn to identify and present yourself to others by creating a comprehensive and market-ready personal-branding deliverable.
  • Kelley Compass 2: The Team
    • Immerses you into the world of teamwork and team development. You will learn to collaborate with teammates to construct strategies for recognizing and resolving conflict, solve a real-world diversity challenge, and construct competitive resumes and cover letters while practicing your professionalism and expanding your portfolio.
  • Kelley Compass 3: The Business Professional
    • Learn self-awareness, self-management, and leadership through emotional intelligence and real-world, practical application.

  • These classes will give you strategies to analyze and interpret the economic, social, political, legal, cultural, and technological influences that drive the global economy.
  • You’ll also learn how to evaluate a region or nation for business investment or expansion. You’ll determine the factors—such as infrastructure, climate, region, and politics—that may or may not support certain types of business.
  • You have the option of taking one Global Foundations Core course that ends with embedded overseas travel opportunities to illustrate what you learned in the first part of the class.

  • Specifically, this block of four classes looks at the important relationships among finance, marketing, operations, and leadership.
  • In addition to your I-Core block courses, you’ll simultaneously enroll in your final talent management class, Kelley Compass III: The Business Professional. 
  • Throughout the semester, you will go through several real-time experiences that challenge you to solve cross-functional business problems while developing your professional and leadership skills. The final I-Core case—also known as the Kelley "rite of passage"—is an extensive and intense team project in which students demonstrate all they have learned.
  • Students are required to pass each I-Core course and Compass III with a minimum grade of C.

Our goal is for students to have a well-rounded academic experience. With a degree from Kelley, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Expand your knowledge-base with general education and special interest courses
  • Measure and explain the analytical core of macroeconomics
  • Complete a minor
  • Dive into the basic tools of ethical reasoning within business
  • Become proficient in determining strategic directions and management of long-term organizational performance


#4 Accounting
#7 Business Analytics
#4 Entrepreneurship
#9 Finance
#13 International Business
#6 Management
#6 Management Information Systems
#3 Marketing
#7 Production/Operations Management
#15 Supply Chain

U.S. News & World Report 
Best Undergraduate Business Programs 2022

Kelley prepares you to be a successful businessperson—and also a contributor to society. This is my chance to push myself above and beyond, and I know I am creating the defining moments of my life.

Rachael Sun, BS'18, Economic Consulting and Business Analytics, Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company