Academic Resources

Kelley Undergraduate Advising

Talk with Kelley’s dedicated team of academic advisors to explore individual interests, choose a path of study, and hit academic goals.

Academic Success at Kelley (ASK)

Get free, high-quality academic coaching for a variety of I-Core prerequisite courses.

IU Academic Support Centers

Access free tutoring in math, writing, and science at multiple locations across campus.

Math Learning Center

Find support for success in math courses, including finite math and calculus.

Writing Tutorial Services

Work one-on-one with a writing guide to develop an effective and organized approach to essays, outlines, and more.

Disability Services for Students

Apply for tools and support services that ensure equal access and reasonable accommodations for success.

Discover how your student can shape their future

You can be proud that your student is becoming a business leader—we are, too. Talk with them about taking advantage of meaningful opportunities to explore new perspectives and build expertise.

Career ready? Kelley Workshops equip your student with real-world experience.

As a parent, you understand the value of learning by doing. In Kelley Workshops, your student can put what they’re learning into practice to:

  • Gain specialized skills
  • Connect with industry leaders
  • Visit company headquarters
  • Network with Kelley alumni

Get a Kelley student’s perspective

Hear directly from Kelley students about how they worked through an academic challenge. Packed with valuable advice, videos like these are easily accessed and offer tips that can boost your student’s confidence.

Computers in Business (BUS-K201)

Kelley undergraduate student Adam Pistey shares three tips for success in K-201, highlighting Kelley Peer Tutors.

Basic Accounting Sills (BUS-A100)

Study tips from undergraduate student Sharod Holmes bolster students enrolled in BUS-A100.