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If you’re looking for your next big challenge—and you're ready to work side by side with tomorrow’s biggest business innovators—consider applying to the selective Kelley Business Honors Program. 

You'll meet with top business leaders from around the globe, enjoy smaller classes, and build a lifelong network of peers and professionals.

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Admission to the Business Honors Program is based on the following criteria:

Transcript review. To be eligible for consideration, you are required to have a minimum cumulative 3.7 GPA and sophomore standing by the end of spring semester of freshman year.  Additionally, your first two semesters on the IUB campus should demonstrate success in both analytical and communications skills courses. Honors students are expected to embrace challenging coursework and candidates should show the committee a willingness to take on the Kelley curricular requirements.

Resume. Make clear the extent of your involvement in your extracurricular or work activities at IU. Visit Undergraduate Career Services for help preparing your resume. Resumes are expected to be in the traditional Kelley format as shown on Kelley Connect. Format and attention to detail are important considerations in the evaluation of your application as well as content. Resumes will be attached to the online application. If you have important changes or additions to your resume, you may update the resume in the second online application component April 1 -15.

Two short essays on predetermined topics. These gauge your critical thinking skill along with written communication, creativity, and – depending on the question – intellectual curiosity, independence, or citizenship. You will need to start these well before the deadline to ensure that you have time to proofread your final submissions.

Two recommendations from IU Bloomington faculty members. Two recommendations from IU Bloomington faculty members. In the second phase of the online application, applicants will indicate two faculty to submit an online evaluation form by June 1st. This gives the faculty more time to get to know you in class (and you should work to ensure you stand out!). One recommendation will come from a computational skills class, and the other from a class that enhances your verbal and/or written communication.

…. just be sure they complete the form by June 1.

Computational skills course examples: BUS-K201 or K204, BUS-K303 or K304, BUS-A 304 or A 307, BUS-A 306 or A 309, any MATH class, or any ECON course.

Communication skills course examples: BUS-C104 or C106, BUS-L201 or L293, BUS-T175, any ENG course, any course from the College of Arts and Sciences where you were reading critically, writing, or giving oral presentations in the English language.

At least one course you choose should have a teamwork component that your instructor can comment on. Please try to choose faculty who know you well enough to comment on your contributions in the classroom and how you interact with your peers. It’s okay to ask an instructor from spring semester and Associate Instructors may fill out the form if they know you best; just be sure they complete the form by June 1.

One evaluation of your leadership outside the classroom, using the same recommendation form. This evaluation may come from a club advisor, organization leader (older students are acceptable), or campus employer. The recommender should be someone with an IU username in order to access the online form.

Online interview. You may be invited to participate in an individual online recorded interview in late March or April. This is an opportunity to tell us about yourself and showcase your communication and critical thinking skills. Instructions and information will be sent out after the application closes.

Be sure to apply between February 1 and March 1 of your freshman year. This is the only time you may apply.

The application closes at 5 p.m. on March 1 and late applications are not accepted. The online evaluation forms are due June 1. You will be notified of your acceptance during the summer by mid-July.

If you were not directly admitted to the Kelley School of Business but are interested in the honors program, you will file your Kelley School of Business application the same spring semester that you apply for the honors program.

If you have any questions about admissions, please contact us at Prospective honors applicants may also visit our virtual or in-person drop-ins that you can find on the Student Appointment Scheduler.

The mission of the Kelley School of Business Honors Program is to foster a sense of community among academically talented student leaders, stimulate and challenge them intellectually in and outside of the classroom, and encourage the development of their leadership skills.

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Business Honors advisors are here to help you. Contact us to ask questions, plan your academic schedule, and talk about your career goals. Please note that for 2021–22 we are meeting with students both virtually and in-person.

Email us:

Drop-in hours are 10 to 11:30 a.m. ET Monday–Friday. You can find the Zoom link in the Student Appointment Scheduler through ONE.IU or stop by our office for an in-person chat.

Business Honors Program
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The Business Honors Program made IU feel like home. It helped me grow professionally and make lasting friendships.

Shelby Williams, BS'18, Global Strategy & Design Program Manager at Uber

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