Student Organizations

Make professional connections and lifelong friends

Getting involved in a Kelley student organization is a great way to explore how your unique passions overlap with the world of business. You will learn firsthand one of business's best lessons: the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

If you have a specific business interest, more than likely there’s a student organization that will help you explore that interest further—and give you the powerful professional experience your future employers expect.

Find a Kelley organization that fits your passion

Resources for Kelley student organization leaders

Registering student organizations
Organizations need to register to be listed with Kelley and receive university services. Existing organizations must reregister every fall. Find out how.

Publicize news and events
Visit this page to share student organization events and information to be published in the Kelley Insider newsletter and publicized on the Hodge Hall flat screens, Kelley Facebook page, Twitter feed, or blog.

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