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Kelley Student Government executes events and initiatives through committees. Delegates and student organization representatives serve on the committees and are responsible for executing a wide variety of decisions, duties, and activities pertaining to initiatives. They are encouraged to simultaneously work on multiple initiatives, as well as create their own initiatives based on the Kelley student body's needs and demands.

Director: Katherine Hoff

The Academic Experience Committee is a team dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence at Kelley. We work with our faculty and staff in the undergraduate program to enhance the educational experience through policy changes and programming. This committee is oriented to lay the groundwork for long-term changes, and is characterized by research, problem-solving, and troubleshooting.

Director: Julia Heath

The Alumni Engagement Committee focuses on establishing and maintaining strong connections with our alumni network, typically done through panels, networking, and other various events throughout the semester. This year we will be focusing on expanding the types of events that we host with our alumni, creating a more interactive, personal, and value-added experience. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the student body has the opportunity to connect with our alumni in a way that allows a strong relationship to be created, all done in a fun and valuable manner.

Director: Sanjana Doshi

The Equity and Inclusion committee serves to foster an environment in which every student, regardless of background, beliefs, and preferences, feels empowered to pursue the opportunities they desire with the help of an environment that embraces inclusion. Some major things we will be focusing on this year are implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion training, bringing light to the stories of trailblazers in Kelley, collaborating with organizations that belong to and represent specific communities to expand our impact “beyond 10th street”, and connecting students alike and their allies to develop and establish a deeper sense of Kelley community. Ultimately, the Equity and Inclusion committee strives to tangibly impact the campus as an intersectional bridge towards justice.

Director: Karla Montero

The Ethics and Social Responsibility Committee is committed to bringing the campuswide social responsibility efforts to Kelley by generating awareness and educating the greater student body on the advantages of an ethical and sustainable mindset. Through the fall semester we will be executing this through initiatives such as the Ethics Case Competition, Kelley Coin, and many more.

Director: Ella Blaker

The Funding Committee is a voting body of eight individuals who review funding requests from Kelley organizations. Each request is thoroughly screened and deliberated upon in order to best allocate a pool of money. In the past year this sum was $15,000. The funding committee empowers Kelley organizations to host their own programming and further their individual organization's goals. Committee members learn how to write and present bills and exercise strict stewardship of this organizational allowance.

Director: Alexander Ye

The Marketing Committee is responsible for maintaining the Kelley Student Government brand, both internally within Kelley and externally with the rest of campus. We are also responsible for helping Kelley organizations promote their events, doing everything from designing marketing materials to managing the Marketing Request Form and publishing their content across our platforms. Although our goals are multifaceted, our ultimate mission is to grow our brand and campus presence large enough that KSG is the go-to resource for all Kelley students, whether it be to learn about new events or to simply become a more engaged member in the Kelley community.

Director: Ishaan Pandya

The Professional Development Committee aims to prepare all Kelley undergraduates for the next step in their careers so they can excel in their chosen paths. The committee’s underlying objective is to provide resources to students so they can become robust leaders in the workforce. This committee’s programming is tailored to facilitate professional growth of students and give them a competitive advantage all while understanding professional development is an ongoing process throughout an individual’s life. We will be driving this committee with the expert guidance of Kelley Undergraduate Career Services to ensure a larger and more select impact on the student body.

Director: Ellory Smith

The Student Life Committee offers a platform for student engagement by assisting in the planning and promoting of Kelley events. From small events such as first Monday coffee to major events such as Kelley 5K, this committee does everything in its power to bridge the gap between students and involvement opportunities. Additionally, we place an emphasis on mental health by representing the mental health task force and assisting in the planning of Balance Week at Kelley.

Director: Kunal Deshpande

The Undergraduate Research Committee is dedicated to ensuring the voices of the Kelley student body are heard by conducting widespread research and data analysis on topics impacting the student experience at Kelley. Student leaders in the committee will provide unbiased reporting on the public opinion of students and of the current state of Kelley. The committee's findings and recommendations will serve as the foundation for developing future initiatives and improvements that will enhance the Kelley experience.

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