Scholarships for Direct Admit Freshmen

If you are an in-state student, once you have been admitted to IU and offered direct admission to Kelley, you may be eligible for the Kelley Scholars Program. This scholarship program provides standard tuition, fees, and a generous living stipend for four years of study in addition to the opportunity to study overseas. Eligible applicants will be invited to apply by the Kelley Admissions Office.

Qualified students may also gain consideration for the Dean's Council Scholarship, the Conrad Prebys Scholars Program, and the William R. Fry Scholars Program by completing the Selective Scholarship Application, which will be provided by the IU Office of Scholarships to those who are eligible. The Fry Scholars program supplements other IU gift funding to cover standard tuition, fees, and room and board for up to four years. Students are provided an advisor and Fry Scholar mentor to help adjust to college and plan their education. Additionally, the recipients of the scholarship are given preference for the Jellison Living Learning Center.

Socially conscious, in-state students may be eligible for the Thomasson Scholars Program. This scholarship supports students to participate in volunteer and service activities through the Kelley Institute for Social Impact throughout their four years at the Kelley School.

If you want to be considered for scholarships beyond your first year at Kelley, you must complete the online application once each spring semester. Thus, in the spring semester of your freshman year, be sure you complete the application. Although the application remains available until September 28, apply between January 1 and April 1 for optimum consideration. Incoming Direct Admit freshmen should not submit the form prior to their first semester at Indiana University.

As an incoming student offered direct admission to Kelley, you do not need to complete the online scholarship application to be considered for the scholarships listed below.

Payment of the IU enrollment deposit is required by May 1 to accept any undergraduate business scholarship you have been offered by the Kelley School of Business. You must also complete all processes outlined in your notification letter.