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If you've started your college education somewhere other than IU Bloomington, come join us at Kelley.

If you are interested in transferring into the Kelley Undergraduate Program, your first step is to apply and be admitted to IU Bloomington. You’ll need to be enrolled as a University Division student for at least your first semester on campus. You will enter Kelley through standard admission.

We recommend that you transfer as soon as possible to prepare for upper-level coursework by taking required prerequisites on the IU Bloomington campus. Many 100-level and 200-level courses are specific to Kelley and cannot be transferred in from other institutions.

Once you are admitted to IU Bloomington, you are encouraged to apply for Kelley School admission during your first two semesters here. Availability of Kelley admissions courses often results in two semesters of coursework before application. Most transfer students to Kelley need more than a total of four academic years to complete the Kelley degree.

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