Current IU Students

Now that you've got a year of college experience under your belt, pursue standard admission to Kelley

Whether you’ve known from your first day as an IU student that you wanted to earn a degree from the Kelley School, or you’ve only recently discovered your passion for business, we’re excited to have you join us.

Standard admission into Kelley gives you a powerful advantage. You’ll end your first year at IU with a strong GPA and a strong connection to the Kelley experience.

Kelley standard admission: application deadlines

Most IU students apply for standard admissions during the spring semester of their freshman year and receive notification about their admission decision in June. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two hours of submitting your application, please email

Spring semester start

November 1

Application closes

September 1

Application opens

Fall semester start

April 1

Application closes

February 1

Application opens

Admissions criteria

Criteria for standard admission to the Kelley School will change with the entering class of fall 2021. For an application to be eligible for review, students must complete:

  1. Application for admission to Kelley.
  2. Minimum of 30 hours of college coursework by the time the application is reviewed. For most students, this will require two semesters on the IU Bloomington campus. We include the credits from any college-level coursework on your transcript: SLST coursework credit hours, AP, IB, test credit, dual credit, and ACP.
  3. Full-time enrollment at IUB (12 credit hours) in the semester in which you apply.
  4. Integrated Core prerequisite courses (20.5 hours in total, may include coursework transferred in):
    • ENG-W131* English Composition (3 credits)
    • BUS-C104/106 Business Presentations (3 credits)
    • BUS-T175 Compass I (1.5 credits)
    • MATH-M118* Finite Math (3 credits)
    • MATH-M119* Calculus (3 to 4 credits)
    • BUS-K201/204 The Computer in Business (3 credits)
    • BUS-A100 Basic Accounting (1 credit)
    • ECON-B251 Fundamentals of Economics for Business I (3 credits)

*Equivalent courses for these classes exist on the IU Bloomington campus. Contact your advisor for more information.

If you are an intercampus transfer bringing in BUS courses, we recommend you continue on with the next set of I-Core prerequisites. The admissions committee will only be looking to see if the first-year curriculum is complete at time of review.

Please keep in mind the following information:

  • The record must indicate grades of B's or better in every course the first time through in order for an application to be automatically admitted.
  • Students whose records indicate one or more grades below a B will have their applications comprehensively reviewed. The admissions committee reviews grades in all courses, not just business courses.
  • Multiple unsuccessful attempts to complete a single I-Core prerequisite, including grades below a C and withdrawals (Ws), will cause an application to be denied.
  • A withdrawal (W) will not count against your application unless it was earned in one of multiple unsuccessful attempts to complete a single I-Core prerequisite.

Precious Price's path to Kelley standard admission and career success

"Don't count yourself out," says Precious Price, who worked hard to overcome challenges and earn standard admission to the Kelley School of Business. Watch the video to learn how the MS in Information Systems graduate redefined her goals and achieved success. To plan your path to admission, email or call 812-855-4474.

Description of the video:

00:00:00,450 --> 00:00:01,720
- Back when I was a freshman,

00:00:01,720 --> 00:00:03,380
navigating the collegiate experience

00:00:03,380 --> 00:00:05,250
was a bit hard for me.

00:00:05,250 --> 00:00:06,850
I'm a first generation college student,

00:00:06,850 --> 00:00:09,290
so when I first got here
there was a lot of pressure

00:00:09,290 --> 00:00:11,940
to succeed being that I'm the first one,

00:00:11,940 --> 00:00:14,350
but also that pressure as a standard admit

00:00:14,350 --> 00:00:17,620
to gain admission into the
Kelley School of Business.

00:00:17,620 --> 00:00:18,640
During my freshman year,

00:00:18,640 --> 00:00:20,440
I found that a lot of the courses

00:00:20,440 --> 00:00:22,130
were challenging and rigorous.

00:00:22,130 --> 00:00:24,790
However, I utilized a
lot of my resources here,

00:00:24,790 --> 00:00:27,950
specifically going to my office
hours with my professors,

00:00:27,950 --> 00:00:30,060
so it sort of helped me
through that process.

00:00:30,060 --> 00:00:32,310
Brittani Wilson in the Office
of Diversity Initiatives

00:00:32,310 --> 00:00:34,040
worked constantly to encourage me,

00:00:34,040 --> 00:00:36,010
and she served not only as my advisor,

00:00:36,010 --> 00:00:38,400
but as my mentor all
throughout my undergraduate

00:00:38,400 --> 00:00:40,890
and even my graduate
career here in Kelley.

00:00:40,890 --> 00:00:42,870
Currently, I'm in the Masters of Science

00:00:42,870 --> 00:00:44,340
and Information Systems program

00:00:44,340 --> 00:00:47,300
where I'm concentrating in
enterprise risk management.

00:00:47,300 --> 00:00:48,980
What motivates me now is the fact

00:00:48,980 --> 00:00:52,260
that I've lived up to so many
challenges at this point,

00:00:52,260 --> 00:00:55,040
so I'm constantly looking
and redefining my goals

00:00:55,040 --> 00:00:56,420
every single day.

00:00:56,420 --> 00:00:58,920
I'm feeling like this is
directly going to transfer

00:00:58,920 --> 00:01:01,120
to my career following graduation,

00:01:01,120 --> 00:01:03,100
which is serving as a consultant

00:01:03,100 --> 00:01:05,373
with Accenture in the Atlanta office.

00:01:06,430 --> 00:01:08,470
You'll encounter a number of challenges

00:01:08,470 --> 00:01:11,350
going through your journey of
gaining admission into Kelley,

00:01:11,350 --> 00:01:13,140
but the primary thing
that you should remember

00:01:13,140 --> 00:01:15,660
is you shouldn't count yourself out.

00:01:15,660 --> 00:01:17,040
When I finally gained admission

00:01:17,040 --> 00:01:20,140
and I entered Hodge Hall
during my sophomore year

00:01:20,140 --> 00:01:21,590
as a Kelley student,

00:01:21,590 --> 00:01:23,690
that had given me that confidence to say,

00:01:23,690 --> 00:01:24,900
I am doing business.

00:01:24,900 --> 00:01:26,750
I will graduate with this degree,

00:01:26,750 --> 00:01:28,963
and I'm going to be a business woman.

00:01:28,963 --> 00:01:31,546
(gentle music)

Current international IU students

Some international students will test into second language studies courses (SLST) for the purpose of English language improvement. 

If this is the case, you must complete these courses before the end of the semester in which you apply. Kelley admissions is aware that course availability for SLST courses is limited. Please contact to learn more about your application timeline for Kelley.