Supporting Your Student

Kelley Student Support Team

Talk with Kelley’s highly skilled team of student support professionals who provide individual student coaching, programs to reduce stress and build coping skills, LGBTQ+ support, and more.

Kelley to Kelley Peer Mentoring Program

Pair up with a Kelley student mentor who supports first-year students as they transition to college, navigate academic challenges, and find their home in the Kelley community.

Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives (KODI)

Get involved with the KODI community that welcomes, affirms, and celebrates all Kelleys.

Balance at Kelley

Join this student organization committed to talking openly about mental health and building awareness of campus-wide resources.

Kelley student organizations

Explore more than 70 Kelley student organizations connecting Kelley students with peers and professionals who share their passions and interests.

Kinsey-Kelley Center for Gender Equity

Connect with this premier academic center involved in cutting-edge research, training, and education surrounding gender equity and healthy workplace environments.

The best thing parents can do for their student is to tell them they support them no matter what—no matter the choices they make, the major they choose, or the internship or job they get. Tell your student you value them.

Kelly Higgins, Director, Student Support, Kelley School of Business Undergraduate Program

Kelley parent webinar: Helping your student achieve balance and independence

Learn how you can bolster your student’s self-care plan and social connections in a conversation with Kelley Higgins, LCSW, director of Kelley Undergraduate Student Support.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Contact CAPS for customized mental health care provided by professionals at the IU Student Health Center.

Bias incident reporting

Report a bias incident to a campus team of trained university officials who will privately review and respond.

Sexual violence support

Reach out to the Office for Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy for confidential victim advocacy and support for IU Bloomington students.

Substance Use Intervention Services

Make an appointment or drop in during office hours for confidential dependence and recovery support.

Student Advocates Office

Resolve problems with a Student Advocate who will listen nonjudgmentally and help students move forward in their academic progress.

Disability Services for Students

Apply for tools and support services that ensure equal access and reasonable accommodations for success.

Want to talk with Kelley Student Support?

We’re here for your student and available to answer your questions. Reach out to us at for more information about how we can help.