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The +Kelley program is designed for students who want to combine the power of their education in the arts and sciences or in engineering with in-demand business skills. We currently offer full-time and part-time +Kelley degree programs.

New: +Kelley MS in Accounting with Data and Analytics

Upgrade your career options with an MS in Accounting with Data and Analytics. You’ll gain advanced finance skills that will complement your undergraduate degree.

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Gain a competitive edge in any job market with an MS in Accounting with Data and Analytics, MS in Information Systems, MS in Finance, or MS in Healthcare Management.

Part-Time Options

Already accepted a full-time job? Consider one of six part-time MS degrees.

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As Principal of Deloitte Consulting Mark Zozulia explains, graduates of the +Kelley program have a strong reputation for success at large consulting firms because academic diversity is the key to business problem solving.

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