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Description of the video:

Ally Wehn, undergraduate student:
The Undergraduate Career Services Office has provided help for me right from the beginning of college. I came in as a freshman with a four-page resume and they helped me get it down to what it needed to be.

Paige Drane, undergraduate student:
It's very open, they're very approachable, they welcome you in, and they're very great active listeners of what you have to say.

John Walsh, undergraduate student:
They're always there and they're incredibly helpful and anytime anyone has any questions I always refer them back to the Career Services Office cause I know they're gonna be the people to best to answer the questions.

Tyler Atassi, undergraduate student:
They've got trained professionals who've seen multiple generations of people flow through into the different jobs that we have. Having the UCS so close to Kelley is extremely beneficial to students because of the packed schedules we have. I know that if I have 10 minutes I can spend 5 of them with the UCS and ask the questions that I need.

Rebecca Cook, Executive Director, Undergraduate Career Services:
The students come into Kelley sometimes knowing what they want to do and sometimes not. We can help them figure out what their path is on an individualized basis. What do they love? What are their skills? What are their interests? What are their values? And how they can tie that all together into finding a career that they're really passionate and excited about.

Kori Renn, Team Lead, Coaching and Student Services, Undergraduate Career Services:
The UCS is really best in class. And predominantly that's our team that drives that. We listen to the students pretty regularly to get an understanding of what they're looking for from a career perspective. But also our recruiting team works very regularly with employers and they put on a number of career fairs over the course of the year. We have employer networking nights throughout the year as well as info sessions and any number of ways that employers can interact and engage with students. So we're constantly bringing companies to campus or connecting students with companies virtually.

A lot of the time recruiting happens in a very fast-paced way and so when people get a call from a recruiter and don't know how to react, they can run down into our drop-in hours that we have every day of the week. And it really provides the relief that they need in such a stressful situation. I did mock interviews here before I actually interviewed for internships. I also came here just to talk to the different professional coaches and peer coaches to get advice. Peer coaches provide student experience and it's a more casual environment as well as professional coaches who can help you with more serious type of needs.

Talking with a career coach allows you to gain a perspective that you wouldn't before, whether that be a connection that they have or being able to network with somebody you didn't think of before. And those types of conversations are really gold nuggets to somebody who's a business student and wants to excel in their professional career.

After you build those relationships with the coaches they'll be able to really acknowledge what are you looking for and be able to keep that relationship with you starting from freshman year until senior year. So when the opportunity arises they may be able to think of you for that specific opportunity that you haven't considered. But also you're gonna be able to hit on multiple areas that you need to build upon within the UCS.

What I really found is they genuinely cared about me. They have thousands of students that they're looking after and to understand that they were there just to help me, I thought was something that was really special.

It's a place where they want you to succeed. And that's what really makes it feel like a home as an extension of Kelley as well.

Your voice is always heard in the UCS. They make you feel welcome to the Kelley School of Business and they also acknowledge that you're here for a reason, and they make sure you understand what your value is to yourself, to the school, to your community, and to the company.


  • Neatly pressed, tailored, business suit in dark or neutral colors
  • Coordinated blouse, or button-down dress shirt with tie
  • Coordinated pants or knee-length skirt
  • Professional, clean, closed-toed shoes or walkable heels
  • Dress or trouser socks; avoid ankle or athletic socks 


  • Clean and unwrinkled button-down shirt, blouse, or polo shirt
  • Sweater or cardigan
  • Knee-length dress
  • Pressed khaki or dark pants (no holes or tears)
  • Knee-length skirts
  • Jeans should be avoided until you’ve confirmed they are acceptable in specific contexts
  • Professional, clean, closed-toed shoes or walkable heels
  • Dress or trouser socks; avoid ankle or athletic socks