Power your job search with UCS.

Securing an internship or a full-time job requires your time, discipline, and commitment. Your Undergraduate Career Services (UCS) team is here to support you as a partner in your job search by coordinating annual recruiting visits by more than 260 companies who conduct nearly 6,800 on-campus interviews. In addition, more than 920 employers post jobs or host virtual interviews during the academic school year.

  • Career and professional development education
  • Experienced career coaches and peer coaches
  • Resources and workshops to develop job search skills
  • Our secure online job search board
  • Events and programs to connect with recruiters

Students are assigned a career coach before arriving on campus and may begin to interact with the UCS as early as their first year. Please visit Kelley Connect for more information.

My internships gave me real-world experience experience that put me well ahead of my peers at SpaceX and showed me what it takes to be successful in a corporate environment. Those experiences and the communication, leadership, and teamwork skills I learned at Kelley have been immensely beneficial to me entering the workforce.

Blake Bradley, BS’21, Launch Site Supervisor, SpaceX

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