Scholarships & Financial Aid

Your business education doesn't have to come with a high price tag

Kelley alumni give back. Their generous contributions, along with those of different corporations and foundations, allow us to proudly offer more than 130 scholarship opportunities to current Kelley students and students interested in business.

If you have been accepted into Indiana University Bloomington and offered direct admission, you will automatically be considered for freshman student funding.

Scholarship funding considerations begin the February before your first fall semester at Indiana University. This means you should apply to Indiana University and mark your interest in business in the fall of your senior year in high school.

You will be notified by April 1 if you have been offered an award.

Several Kelley scholarships give special consideration to underrepresented minority students. To be considered for these, you must complete the Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives scholarship application.

Read more about direct admit scholarships

Current Kelley sophomores, juniors, and seniors only need to submit the Kelley Undergraduate Scholarship Application once a year to be considered for most of these business undergraduate scholarships. Read more about each individual scholarship to find out if any additional steps must be taken for your consideration.

Current Kelley Students

Prebusiness and transfer students may apply for scholarship consideration at the same time that they apply for admission to Kelley.

Prebusiness Students

The application is available January 1 through September 28. Apply by April 1 for optimum consideration.

Students do not have to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive a business scholarship. However, students should file the FAFSA each year to ensure consideration for both merit- and need-based Kelley undergraduate scholarships.

Nearly 30% of all general scholarship funds awarded by the Kelley School were designated for students with demonstrated financial need. Students who have not completed the FAFSA are not eligible for these need-based scholarships, but will still be considered for merit-based awards and those based on other criteria.

To maximize your funding options, students should also apply for financial aid through Student Central on Union. They can help you determine your eligibility for grants, loans, employment opportunities, and other need-based scholarships.

Note that our scholarships are competitive, modest, and in most cases, nonrenewable.

Additional Kelley scholarship opportunities

A few Kelley scholarships utilize unique applications. When available, information about these funding opportunities will be posted on the beINvolved website.

Eligibility and notification of scholarship awards

Eligibility varies for each scholarship. Criteria may include GPA, major, residency, financial need, or other factors. While most scholarships require at least 3.3 GPA, others do not. Don't assume that you’ll receive a scholarship by attaining a certain GPA. Similarly, don’t count yourself out for a scholarship if you haven’t achieved a certain GPA.

We begin selecting scholarship recipients during the late spring and continue throughout the summer months. The vast majority of our general awards are finalized each year before the fall semester begins.

While the scholarship committee attempts to award most scholarships between May and the beginning of the fall term, scholarships may be awarded throughout the academic year as funds become available from various donors.

Please note that scholarship selection is an ongoing process.

We cannot inform you of your application status. Applicants remain under consideration until all awards have been made. You will be notified if you have received an award. Students not selected to receive funding are not notified.

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