Global Opportunities

You have a place in the world. Now it's time to find it.

Whether you plan on working in the United States or overseas after you graduate, understanding business on a global scale is an essential component of your education as a Kelley student.

Your coursework focuses on the major economic, social, political, and technological trends and conditions influencing the development of the global economy. But it's speaking with local entrepreneurs in Ghana, visiting a pistachio farm and facility in Greece, or having tea and talking business with executives in India that will expose you to the real-life pulse of business today.

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See where Kelley can take you.

Your path at Kelley is uniquely yours, with multiple ways to earn credit and customize your international experience to fit your academic and career calendar.

Kelley offers a variety of study abroad options, including:

  • Short-term programs that last three weeks or less
  • Summer internships at multinational corporations
  • Semester programs at top international universities
  • Second-Year Global Foundations Core

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Study Abroad: Hong Kong

Natalie Moore and Cameron Halsted spent a semester living and studying at City University in Hong Kong. Meet up with the Kelley undergraduate students in Hong Kong to see how this experience opened their eyes to the importance of Asia in their future business careers.

You will be pushed to your limits and your patience will be tested, but you will learn so much more than you thought possible about the world and yourself by exceeding those limits and rising to the challenge.

Natalie Moore, BS'16, International Business and Marketing, who studied abroad in Hong Kong