Kelley Student Government

Kelley Student Government represents you—and all Kelley undergraduate students.

Kelley Student Government (KSG) is the voice of all undergraduate students of the Kelley School of Business. KSG is Kelley’s representative governmental body tasked with running initiatives, writing policy, and collaborating with administration to enhance the student experience and advocate for a better future for the global Kelley family. KSG is also the official funding board and marketing resource for Kelley student organizations.

KSG is composed of delegates who impact the Kelley School through KSG’s committees: Academic Experience, Alumni Engagement, Equity and Inclusion, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Funding, Marketing, Professional Development, Undergraduate Research, and Student Life.

Blake Bradley, BS’21

Never in our lives has there been a better opportunity for young leaders to inspire a better future for our world than we are seeing right now. With recent global and national events, antiquated systems and outdated schools of thought are being questioned at every level of society to provide a new foundation for human excellence. While the uncertainty we have faced was daunting, it is time for us, the new age of leaders, to rise up and take our place as drivers of the future. 

With this call to action in mind, the Kelley Student Government’s team of active leaders have a long to-do list and are working tirelessly to represent your voice and craft a bright future for the Kelley School of Business. To make Kelley the best home for all of us, we must all be active leaders in seeking new ways to connect, build community, and thrive in our own personal ways. 

I am honored to represent the student body in this unique year and look forward to celebrating the many accomplishments we will achieve together. 

Upward and onward always.

The Kelley Student Government works to make the Kelley experience better for every student. Learn more about the various student government committees and how they can enable you to get the most out of your time at Kelley.