Balance and Wellness

Learn to achieve balance and manage stress

The Kelley School of Business is committed to helping you achieve balance—as a student and throughout your life as a business professional. During the academic year, you’ll find programs and resources that will develop your ability to manage stress, build resiliency, and cope with challenges.

Offerings include:

  • Mentorship program serving 2,000 students
  • Speakers and seminars, including the Failing Successfully Summit
  • Balance Room in Hodge Hall
  • Programs to ease anxiety ahead of finals week
  • Mental health/balance task force of faculty, staff, and students

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Balance at Kelley

Balance at Kelley is a student organization dedicated to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health by raising awareness, supplementing education, providing campus-wide resources, and simply starting the conversation.

Balance Week

Held the week before final exams, Balance Week encourages Kelley students to take a break from end-of-the-semester stress. Check the website to find ways to manage stress and stay balanced during this challenging time away from campus.

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Overcoming failure

Colin's video

Colin McCarthy found success at Kelley when he stopped trying to follow the same path as other students. Watch the video to learn how Colin worked through challenges and made a unique impact at Kelley.

Caroline's Video

When she started at Kelley, Caroline Pontius felt overwhelmed by new challenges. She quickly realized the importance of asking for help and building relationships with Kelley faculty and staff. Watch the video to learn how it impacted her journey.

Caroline Pontius, undergraduate student:

I would say the first time I failed I definitely felt inadequate. Once I kind of looked around and saw that other people were struggling just like I was, I realized that it's just a difficult environment and I was going to have to learn to adjust so I reached out to professors and I reached out to peers to see what they were doing that was making them successful at Kelley and I started following those steps that they had laid out, things like going to office hours and getting peer tutors and doing study group with your friends. It's better to reach out before you have a problem rather than after the problem occurs. So building relationships earlier on can really help you out in the long run because if a problem comes up or there's a concept you don't understand, you already have the relationship to go reach out before it escalates and you don't do well on a test or you feel like you're beginning to struggle in the class and aren't understanding concepts building off of each other. Reaching out for help was definitely one of the biggest things that helped me overcome failure. If I had dealt with any sort of failure on my own, I wouldn't have had the tools that I needed to ultimately succeed. It's more rewarding having failed a lot than having never failed at all because overcoming difficult circumstances and failures through your years at Kelley makes it that much sweeter when you do succeed because you know you've overcome a lot to get there. Pressure to succeed can be great, but I have strengths and weaknesses just like everybody else and my weaknesses don't define me.

Discover what happened when he started to make his own path.

Learn how building relationships set her up for success.

Find resources for your needs

Your Kelley and IU community is committed to helping you thrive. Across campus, a wide variety of skilled professionals provide services that help you navigate student life.

The Kelley Undergraduate Advising Office assists students in exploring their interests, choosing a path of study, and finding success at Kelley and beyond.

Want to make more informed financial decisions? Find workshops, courses, and more from the Office of Financial Wellness and Education.

Thanks to a gift from the Brian and Sheila Jellison Family Foundation, IU students can audit an edX course in money management at no cost.

Student Legal Services provides free, confidential legal advice and services for IU Bloomington students.

Academic Success at Kelley (ASK) provides free, high-quality peer coaching for many I-Core prerequisite courses. Make an appointment to work with a fellow student who's excelled in the course.

  • The Asian Culture Center promotes awareness, understanding, and acceptance of Asian American and Pacific Islander students through advocacy, educational support, and community outreach.
  • The First Nations Educational & Cultural Center supports American Indian and indigenous students at IU with a network of resources designed to empower them for success.
  • IU Hillel functions as Jewish students' home away from home, with a warm community that celebrates Judaism and Jewish life in traditional and creative ways.
  • The Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives serves and celebrates the rich diversity of Kelley’s student body through programs and community.
  • La Casa Latino Culture Center supports Latino students through tutoring, cultural activities, and more.
  • The LGBTQ+ Culture Center provides educational programs and social events focused on gender and sexual diversity that promote a climate of understanding and support.
  • The Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center encourages the development and success of Black students, faculty, and staff.

The Office of Disability Services for Students (812-855-7578) is dedicated to ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access and reasonable accommodations. They provide tools, support services, and resources that enable students to be successful at IU.

The Kelley School is taking an active role in developing innovative programming focused on mentoring, maintaining balance, and making healthy choices. These lifelong skills will allow our students to stand apart from those at other business schools and allow our students to have a significant positive impact on the organizations they join.

Idalene “Idie” Kesner, Dean Emeritus, Kelley School of Business

Need to talk?

The counselors at Counseling and Psychological Services offer support for students who want to talk through problems with someone they can trust. From stress and time management to anxiety and relationships, CAPS counseling services help thousands of IU Bloomington students each year.  For questions or to make an appointment, call 812-855-5711.