Executive Officers

Chase Wampler


Ajith Amba

Executive Vice President


Marsha Koda

Vice President of Outreach


Ella Blaker

Vice President of Finance

Eknoor Sethi

Vice President of DEIJB

Raj Desai

Vice President of Membership

Committee Directors

Kelley Student Government executes events and initiatives through its committees. Delegates serve on the committees and are responsible for executing a wide variety of decisions, duties, and activities pertaining to initiatives. They are encouraged to simultaneously work on multiple initiatives, as well as create their own initiatives based on the Kelley student body's needs and demands.

KSG Committees

General Delegates

General Delegates represent the best interests of the Kelley student body, openly promote the objectives of KSG, vote in General Assembly meetings, and serve on at least one committee. General Delegates are appointed by the Executive Committee and serve a two-semester term. Special consideration is given to ensure adequate representation of all academic standings, residences, and admission processes.

Student Organizations

Kelley student organizations have the option to appoint one of their members as a General Delegate in Kelley Student Government. Organizations that appoint a General Delegate get a chance to have their member actively participate in General Assembly meetings and vote on important policies that might affect their organization. These students are subject to the same rights and responsibilities as other General Delegates, and can also share information with their respective student organizations and identify collaboration opportunities with KSG.

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Standing Members

Standing Members are non-voting KSG members. Any Kelley student who is interested in serving on a committee may opt to join at any time and can participate in all student government affairs. There is no formal selection process for Standing Members.

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