Balance Room

Relax and recharge in the Kelley Balance Room

Kelley School of Business students are hardworking. They focus on goals. They put in countless hours of preparation for classes, team projects, exams, job interviews, and more. The Kelley Balance Room serves as a space for students to take a break—physically and mentally. It also reflects the school’s commitment to helping students manage stress and achieve balance.

Opened in 2020, the Kelley Balance Room is located in the heart of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center at Indiana University. The room serves as a space for students to disconnect from their devices, reflect, and enjoy the quiet.

Kelley and IU campus resources

If you're looking for options for individual study space, or a quiet place for a meeting on campus, consider these options:

Library space: Campus library facilities have multiple individual study spaces you can reserve online, including the Business/SPEA and Wells libraries.

Indiana Memorial Union (IMU): The IMU is a great place to study, and only a ten-minute walk from Hodge Hall. Check the IMU website for current hours. 

Hodge Hall: Classrooms and meeting rooms in Hodge Hall are closed, but common spaces are marked for socially distanced use. There are no rooms available in Hodge Hall for student use (either individual or student groups).

Get outside: IU Bloomington has plenty of beautiful green space and outdoor seating. If you choose to utilize these spaces, please practice social distancing.

Important reminders: Social distancing guidelines for the campus require all students, staff, and faculty to stay at least six feet apart from others, and to wear masks when indoors or in outdoor spaces where distancing is not possible. The City of Bloomington issued an emergency executive order on August 21, 2020 that limits the size of private gatherings to 15 people. Avoid large gatherings and plan to hold meetings over Zoom, phone, or other online platforms.

Get info on planning events and learn how to reserve space on campus on the Division of Student Affairs website.

The Balance Room is a daily reminder that it’s good to unplug and hit your internal reset button on a regular basis. The well-being of our students—physical, mental, and emotional—is very important to us, and we hope the students find this room to be another valuable tool in helping to maintain balance.Idalene “Idie” Kesner, Dean Emeritus, Kelley School of Business


To let us know if something in the Balance Room needs attention, please email