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A global business education is required for today’s executives. That’s why we offer so many international programs at Kelley. You can earn credit and customize your experience to fit your academic and career goals.

In addition to study abroad, the second-year Global Foundations Core teaches you to analyze and interpret the influences that drive the global economy. Your experiences abroad will enhance and build on the global business fundamentals learned in these classes.

66study abroad programs

29countries on six continents

61%of Kelley students participate

Kelley offers a variety of study abroad options:

The Kelley School of Business partners with universities and third-party providers around the world to enable you to spend a semester abroad. Immerse yourself in a global academic journey, become an internationally minded professional, develop your communication and team-building skills, and earn business credit toward your Kelley degree.

The following Kelley semester programs require successful completion of I-Core:

Athens, Greece: Athens University of Economics and Business

Bangkok, Thailand: Chulalongkorn Business School Exchange

Barcelona, Spain: IES [Prereq: Completed HISP-S 100, HISP-S 105, HISP-S 150, HISP-S 200, or HISP-S 250 OR Scored 229-930 on Spanish Placement Exam]

Barcelona, Spain: CIEE [Prereq: Completed HISP-S 200 OR Scored 510-1000 on Spanish Placement Exam]

Barcelona, Spain: ESADE at Ramon Llull University Exchange [Prereq: Completed HISP-S 200 OR Scored 510-1000 on Spanish Placement Exam]

Berlin, Germany: CIEE Open Campus

Buenos Aires, Argentina: CIEE Open Campus KSB

Budapest, Hungary: Corvinus Business School

Cape Town, South Africa: CIEE

Copenhagen, Denmark: DIS

Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen Business School Exchange

Dublin, Ireland: University College Dublin

Glasgow, Scotland: University of Strathclyde Business School Exchange

Hong Kong, China: City University of Hong Kong (CityU) Exchange

Hong Kong, China: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Exchange

Kyoto, Japan: CIEE Open Campus KSB

London, England: IES

Maastricht, Netherlands: CES at University of Maastricht

Madrid, Spain: CIEE Open Campus KSB

Madrid, Spain: University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) Exchange

Mannheim, Germany: University of Mannheim Business School Exchange

Milan, Italy: IES

Milan, Italy: Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi Exchange

Nice, France: IES

Paris, France: CIEE Open Campus

Paris, France: IESEG School of Management Exchange

Rome, Italy: CIEE Open Campus KSB

Rouen, France: NEOMA Business School Exchange [Prereq: Completed FRIT-F 200 OR Scored 44 or higher on the French Placement Exam]

Seoul, South Korea: Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) Exchange

Seville, Spain: CIEE [Prereq: Completed HISP-S 280 OR Scored 931-1000 on the Spanish Placement Exam]

Shanghai, China: CIEE Open Campus

Singapore: National University of Singapore Exchange

Sydney, Australia: University of Sydney

Vallendar, Germany: WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management Exchange

Vienna, Austria: IES

Summer study abroad programs are perfect for students who keep robust spring and fall semester academic schedules and want to incorporate a global business experience into their time at Kelley. Most summer programs are open to admitted Kelley students who are in their fourth full-time semester of college. They do not require completion of I-Core prior to participation. Summer programs may be entirely classroom-based while others may include an internship component while abroad.

Barcelona, Spain Internship: IES

Beijing, China Internship: CRCC

Copenhagen, Denmark: DIS

Dublin, Ireland Internship: University College Dublin

Dublin Ireland International Consultancy Experience: University College of Dublin (open to first-year students)

Hong Kong, Internship: GAV

London, England Internship: IES

London, England: London School of Economics

Maastricht, Netherlands: CES

Milan, Italy Internship: IES

Paris, France Internship: IES

Santiago, Chile Internship: IES

Seville, Spain Internship: CIEE (open to first-year students)

Shanghai, China Internship: CIEE

Singapore, Singapore Internship: CIEE

Sydney, Australia Internship: IES

Sydney, Australia Internship: GAV

Vallendar, Germany: WHU Germany European Summer Program (open to first-year students)

Kelley Institute for Social Impact Summer International Internships

Not sure if you have the time to go abroad for a whole summer or semester? Kelley's short-term study abroad options offer international components that last three weeks or less.

Global Business Immersion - BUS-X 272

This set of eight-week course options provides an opportunity to dig deeper into country analysis from a business perspective. These courses capitalize on the diversity and expertise of Kelley faculty from all departments. After eight weeks in the classroom, students travel as a group to the country or region emphasized in the course for a seven to nine day study tour.  In that country, they participate in relevant site visits while completing the academic parts of the course.

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Sales for Social Impact - BUS-M 360

This course will not be offered in Spring 2023.

Sales for Social Impact (BUS-M 360) is a three credit hour course which includes an on-site project over Spring Break. The course is multidisciplinary, for students from all majors, and is focused on collaboration to develop sustainable solutions and business models for challenging global social issues, with support from 3M Corporation. In addition to exploring the new entrepreneurial environment of the country, students will serve as consultants for a small local business to improve the marketing of their operations, so that they will become a sustainable business enterprise. This course is open to all majors. Note that it may be used as an elective toward the following majors and co-majors: Marketing, Professional Sales, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, Sustainable Business, and International Business.

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Cross-Cultural Management (Kelley in Manchester Summer Program) - BUS-D 365

Explore the impacts of Brexit on strategic business issues in an international context. The BUS-D 365 Cross-Cultural Management course is taught over the course of 3 weeks in the summer at  Alliance Manchester Business School and Manchester University. The course is taught by LaVonn Schlegel, Executive Director of the Kelley Institute for International Business and Adjunct Lecturer. Admitted Kelley students who have completed at least 26 credits and 2 semesters on campus before the program commences are eligible to apply.

Kelley will nominate up to 24 qualified students each summer.

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Business in a “Flat” World - BUS-P 256

This course will not be offered in Spring 2023.

Offered during the second eight weeks of the spring semester, this three-credit hour course provides an intensive introduction to globalization and emerging economies, with a specific focus on the economy, business, history, and culture of India. 

Open only to Direct Admit freshmen, the course culminates with a 10-day trip to India in late July. The course can be used as an elective toward the International Business major.

Admission to the course is competitive, with a maximum of 28 seats available.

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Studying abroad has many benefits for personal and academic growth, but it is important to reflect on how traveling and the choices we make abroad impact host communities. Being a responsible or ethical traveler involves treating sacred spaces, places, events, customs, and ceremonies with respect, being aware of your economic power in supporting local businesses and systems, and minimizing your ecological and community impact as a traveler, among many other practices.

The following resources may help you consider the implications of your presence in communities abroad and enable you to make choices that promote the sustainability and security of your host country.

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