Strengthen your business skills and make a difference

Business-minded Indiana University students want to gain experience that allows them to hone their craft yet have a global mindset. The Kelley Institute for Social Impact works with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofits, and other social enterprises to offer internships and funding for Kelley undergraduate students. These opportunities allow students to apply what they learn in the classroom to help people in need.


Kelley Changemaker Internship Scholarship

The four 2022 scholarship recipients are pictured at the Kelley School of Business
The Kelley Changemaker Internship Scholarship is awarded each spring to undergraduate business majors participating in internships (domestic or abroad) at public, private, and nonprofit organizations with a social impact focus. The 2022 scholarship recipients are, from left, Marissa Ryan (Raybourn Group International, Indianapolis); Kaileigh Payne (Niños de Guatemala, Antigua, Guatemala); Emily Meinzen (Global Mamas, Cape Coast, Ghana); and Aubrey Hormann (Windfall Dancers Inc., Bloomington, Indiana).

Kelley Changemaker Internship Scholarship

Undergraduate business majors are encouraged to apply for this scholarship if participating in internships (domestic or abroad) at public, private, and nonprofit organizations with a social impact focus.

Preference will be given to students who are participating in unpaid or underpaid internships. This scholarship will award $1,200 (posted to the student’s bursar account in the summer) and recipients will be selected through an application and committee review process.


  • All Kelley undergraduate business majors
  • Summer 2023 intern at a public, private, or nonprofit organization (domestic or abroad)
  • Internship should have a social impact focus
  • Internship is either unpaid or underpaid
  • Intern will complete a minimum of 120 hours of the internship
  • Intern must have already accepted an internship when applying for the scholarship (job description and offer letter will be uploaded to application)
  • Applicants will have an opportunity to explain how this scholarship could be financially helpful in the application process, and will not be required to provide FAFSA information

Step 1. Secure an unpaid or underpaid internship with a public, private, or nonprofit organization with a social impact focus. 

Step 2. Complete the application by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 17, 2023. The following will be required:

  • Application form—available soon—with responses to the following short-answer questions (200 words or less):
    • Why are you applying for the Changemaker scholarship?
    • How will this internship make a positive social impact?
    • How is this internship going to expand your business education?
  • Internship job description from the employer
  • Internship offer letter from the employer


March 1–April 17: Application period open

April 17: Application period closes

April 24: Awards announced

Prioritizing monetary gain or passion is a common struggle as a college student, but this Changemaker Scholarship gives us the opportunity to satisfy both.

Marissa Ryan, BS’24, marketing and operations management

The Changemaker Scholarship allowed me to accept an unpaid international internship without having to worry about the financial burden. The internship was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I could not have experienced it without the scholarship.

Kaileigh Payne, BS’24, public policy analysis