Living Learning Center

It’s not just business—it’s home

The Brian D. Jellison Living Learning Center (JLLC) is a diverse community of motivated first-year business students who participate in a residential program that focuses on personal, academic, and professional development. In the JLLC, you’ll stay busy with evening programs, study groups, and travel excursions. You’ll discover that your fellow community members aren’t just some of the best friends you’ll make at IU—they are campus leaders and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, innovators, and business trailblazers.

Life at the Jellison Living Learning Center (JLLC)

You only get one freshman year. Make the most of it at the Brian D. Jellison Living Learning Center. Watch the video to get an inside look at this one-of-a-kind living experience for future business leaders.

Description of the video:

Taurean Douglas, Assistant Director, Jellison Living Learning Center:
The Jellison Living Learning Center is a first-year residential community, of 500 students from all over the world, who are all interested in building and bridging community with other first-year students.

Michael Maa, BS’23, Finance, Statistics, and Business Analytics; Hometown: Princeton, NJ:
From day one, you meet people who are going to be part of your network. They live in the JLLC, you're taking the same classes with them.

Lauraine Davidson, BS’22, Public Policy Analysis and Law, Ethics, and Decision-Making (LEAD); Hometown: South Bend, Indiana:
It kind of gives you a partner that you can lean on to say like, hey, I'm doing K201 or I'm doing Calculus or Finite. We should do our homework together.

It's not uncommon for students on our floors to have their residence hall door open. Somebody like literally yells out of their room, I need help! Accounting, business presentations whatever the case may be, and somebody is there for them.

Keith Weisberg, BS’12, Global Product Lead, Google; Manhattan, New York:
In the JLLC, you'll meet students that come from all different walks of life and backgrounds. Whether they're coming from the other side of the country, or the other side of the world.

You're going to meet students who are interested in investment banking, technology, maybe nonprofit service.

I remember doing certain classes that people will learn like, K201 and we're all doing the final project, and we're all in this room, just kind of hacking at it together, and one person figures out a more efficient way, and then we all jump on that, and then we get to the next problem. Having that experience of collaboration, really to this day, where you're in it together to move forward, and not trying to cut down each other, I think is a big thing that I learned being out there.

We have a space called BASE, which is our academic or social area that students can come to, and sit down and study together. They can work on group projects down there, at our Collab lab.

You see a student over here doing some accounting work, you see five or six students in one corner practicing a presentation. Students have 24-hour access to it. So, whether you are ready to get some work done at 10 a.m., or whether you're a night owl and you want to do it at 2 a.m.

If you find yourself struggling to put yourself out there, I know I certainly was my freshman year, there's always going to be people in that space doing homework, or trying to make those friends and foster those connections.

Students have the opportunity to potentially connect with somebody who they may be starting their first business with. They could potentially be building with somebody who might be that crucial contact for that career opportunity, 10 years from now.

I now work in a strategy division at Google, and sometimes when I come up with a strategy plan, I sometimes want to sanity-check it off of JLLC friends who are in consulting. I can change it around in a way that I don't breach confidentiality, but I can get their feedback, if they think it'll hit the market.

There are a lot of professional opportunities in the JLLC. We run professional development series events. Typically with each event, we have either a recruiter from a company, or an on-campus professor come and speak to a smaller group of students.

I got to network with corporate partners and recruiters as a first-year student, and I was able to get used to talking with them. And it gave me experience to know how to show up to things on time, and to dress properly.

The programming takes place right there in Eigenmann Hall. When the fall semester is all said and done, there's a possibility we may have put on 40 to 50 professional development series events.

We've had recruiters from Google, P&G, Old National Bank. These are people who are on the front lines of the recruiting process at these big companies, and it's a great way to practice those networking skills that are so important in the business world.

I’ve built great relationships with the JLLC staff. All of them were so friendly and so helpful. If I need anything like a letter of recommendation, none of them would hesitate to give it to me.

I remember in one of my first interactions with JLLC staff, the very first question he asked me was, "How are you doing?" That was really meaningful to me. It showed that this is a community, but also it's a family.

Yes, we are studying, but also have fun at the end of the day, once you're done with all your schoolwork.

I made lifelong friends and business associates that I still talk to to this day, that aren't only in the US but around the world. Those are the connections that you'll really get out of being in the JLLC.

If you want a community to lean and depend on, if you want to get professional development within your first year, get exposed to companies, if you want to build relationships that are everlasting with the students who are on the same track as you, I would recommend the JLLC.

Opportunities to grow and succeed

The Jellison Living Learning Center has developed a personal, academic, and professional development program that will help you identify your strengths, interests, and talents—giving you a jump start on your success as an aspiring business leader.

Opportunities for JLLC community members include:

  • Biweekly evening programs on leadership, ethics, global awareness, and networking
  • Lunches with deans, professors, and staff
  • Events with company executives
  • Meetings with top recruiters
  • Events and cultural celebrations
  • Professional mentoring and advising

Four Kelley students from diverse backgrounds model business professional attire for men and women, including coordinated blouses, shirts, and suits in black, navy, and white.

  • Neatly pressed, tailored, business suit in dark or neutral colors
  • Coordinated blouse, or button-down dress shirt with tie
  • Coordinated pants or knee-length skirt
  • Professional, clean, closed-toed shoes or walkable heels
  • Dress or trouser socks; avoid ankle or athletic socks 

Business casual attire for men and women is modeled by four Kelley students from diverse backgrounds, including a variety of combinations of shirts and pants in complementary colors.


  • Clean and unwrinkled button-down shirt, blouse, or polo shirt
  • Sweater or cardigan
  • Knee-length dress
  • Pressed khaki or dark pants (no holes or tears)
  • Knee-length skirts
  • Jeans should be avoided until you’ve confirmed they are acceptable in specific contexts
  • Professional, clean, closed-toed shoes or walkable heels
  • Dress or trouser socks; avoid ankle or athletic socks

JLLC community FAQs

If you want to join the JLLC as a community member, you must fill out the JLLC portion of the IU housing application and pay your housing fee. Look for the JLLC in the housing application under “Living Learning Centers & Learning Community Preferences."

IU opens housing applications on February 1. The JLLC priority deadline for submission is April 15. If you apply or edit your housing application after April 15, you risk not being considered for the JLLC community. No incoming IU or Kelley student is automatically admitted to the JLLC. All applications must be completed, paid, selected, and approved to join the JLLC community.

Get started on your IU housing application.

You should complete your IU housing application and pay your housing fee as soon as possible once the application opens February 1. The JLLC priority deadline for submission is April 15, but you are strongly encouraged to apply before April 15. Please familiarize yourself with the IU housing priority group timelines. Students who complete their IU housing application late (including late fee payment) aren't likely to get their first choice of housing. Get started as soon as possible!

The JLLC team reviews each application throughout the spring semester. If you complete your JLLC application before the deadline, you will receive an Advanced Review communication to verify your application has been received and is under consideration. This does not mean that you’ve been selected to live at the JLLC.

Decisions for the JLLC are released on May 19.

If you have already submitted your housing application and have decided that you would like to apply for the JLLC, simply log back into your housing application and update your preferences to include the “Jellison Living Learning Center.”

JLLC community members must participate in a business-centered events focused on personal, academic, and professional development. Community members must also enroll in a 1 credit hour course during the fall and spring semesters:

  • BUS-T 134 JLLC Community Development (fall)
  • BUS-T 144 Hot Topics in Business (spring)

A $200 fee ($100 per semester) is required for all members of the JLLC. This fee covers some of our events and programs, which support your personal, academic, and professional development.

The JLLC cannot consider applicants that have not completed the IU Intent to Enroll (due May 1). We encourage you to complete your IU housing application and apply to the JLLC at your earliest opportunity.

Reminder: In addition to fully completing your IU housing application, your application is only complete when you pay the $200 nonrefundable application fee. The IU Intent to Enroll also requires a $100 enrollment deposit. Both your IU housing application and IU Intent to Enroll are considered incomplete without payment of these fees. Students who received an application fee waiver will not be prompted to submit these payments.

We encourage you to give thoughtful consideration to each question before organizing and forming your response (150–200 words per question). All essay responses must be submitted via the IU housing application.

1. The JLLC is a place where students have the talent to succeed, the humility to grow, and the tenacity to persevere. Please describe a single moment in which your talent, humility, or tenacity led to an unexpected learning moment in your life.

2. Describe an issue you are passionate about, and explain why you are passionate about it.

3. Identify a person you admire and explain what you have learned from this person’s life. Please do not select someone to whom you are related.

4. (Optional) What else would you like us to know about you? With your answer, please help us identify you as one of the best potential contributors in our community.

The JLLC is located in McNutt Residence Center in the Northwest neighborhood of residence halls on the IU campus.

The best way to reach the JLLC staff is via email at If you have an immediate question, please call us at 812-855-0791. Consider signing up for an informational webinar to learn more about the JLLC.

The JLLC staff may connect you with IU Housing if you have housing questions not specific to the JLLC. Contact IU Housing at

Tour the Jellison Living Learning Center

Tours of the Jellison Living Learning Center vary by semester. To learn more about the JLLC, attend one of our webinars or contact us at or 812-855-0791.

Fall semester tours have concluded for 2022.

If you would like to connect with the JLLC, please contact us at or 812-855-0791.

Spring semester tours have concluded for 2023.

If you would like to connect with the JLLC, please contact us at or 812-855-0791.

Tours of the JLLC are not available during the summer. If you are visiting campus between May and August, you can schedule a campus tour through the Office of Admissions.

During the Discover IU Days, you can see a residence hall that has similar accommodations to those found in the JLLC.