Living Learning Center

Freshmen today. Business leaders tomorrow.

The Brian D. Jellison Living Learning Center (JLLC), formerly the Kelley Living Learning Center, is a diverse community of motivated first-year business students, as well as IU freshmen interested in business, who participate in a residential program that focuses on personal, academic, and professional development. 

In the JLLC, you’ll stay busy with evening programs, study groups, and travel excursions. You’ll discover that your fellow residents aren’t just some of the best friends you’ll make at IU—they’re campus leaders and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, innovators, and business trailblazers.

Life at the Jellison Living Learning Center (JLLC)

You only get one freshman year. Make the most of it at the Brian D. Jellison Living Learning Center. Watch the video to get an inside look at this one-of-a-kind living experience for future business leaders.

Opportunities to Grow and Succeed

The Jellison Living Learning Center has developed a personal, academic, and professional development program that will help you identify your strengths, interests, and talents—giving you a jump start on your success as an aspiring business leader.

Opportunities for JLLC residents include:

  • Biweekly evening programs on leadership, ethics, global awareness, and networking
  • Lunches with deans, professors, and staff
  • Events with company executives
  • Meetings with top recruiters—some before classes begin
  • Events and cultural celebrations
  • Professional mentoring and advising

JLLC Community FAQs

The IU housing application opens in early February and the JLLC priority deadline for submission is May 10. Any updates to the application made after this date may or may not be considered during assignment. We strongly encourage students to apply before May 10.

All residents must be selected and approved to live in the Jellison Living Learning Center. When you submit your housing application, make sure to include “Jellison Living Learning Center” in your preferences and complete the JLLC application that appears in your to-do list. Then pay the $200 deposit to submit your application.

Please note: The JLLC office only considers completed applications for placement in the JLLC. A completed application consists of paying IU-related fees and completion of the JLLC application. Get started on your IU housing application.

IU Residential Programs and Services (RPS) strongly considers both the date of housing application and date of fee payment when processing housing assignments for incoming IU students. Please complete your housing application and pay your housing fee as soon as possible. Students who complete their RPS housing application late (including late fee payment) rarely secure desired housing at IU. The JLLC recommends you apply as soon as possible. Get started on your IU housing application.

Our team reviews each application throughout the spring semester. You should receive an Advanced Review communication between March and May to let you know that your application has been received and is being actively considered by the selection committee. (Note: This does not mean that you’ve been selected to live at the JLLC.)

Decisions for the Jellison Living Learning Center are released on June 1.

If you have already submitted your housing application and have decided that you would like to apply for the JLLC, simply log back into your housing application and update your preferences to include the “Jellison Living Learning Center.” Complete the application in your to-do list.

The JLLC requires its residents to be motivated to participate in a business-centered community focused on personal, academic, and professional development. You do not have to be a Direct Admit to the Kelley School of Business to apply.

JLLC residents will also be required to enroll in a 1 credit hour course during the fall and spring semesters:

  • BUS-T 134 JLLC Community Development (fall)
  • BUS-T 144 Hot Topics in Business (spring)

A $200 fee ($100 per semester) is required for all members of the JLLC. This fee covers some of our events and programs, which support your personal, academic, and professional development.

You can still submit your IU housing application and apply to the JLLC if you haven’t completed your IU Intent to Enroll. However, as the JLLC reviews applicants, we cannot select those students who have not yet completed their IU Intent to Enroll. In other words, much like your IU housing application, we recommend that you complete your IU Intent to Enroll as soon as possible.

Reminder: In addition to fully completing your IU housing application, your application is only complete when you pay the $200 nonrefundable deposit. The IU Intent to Enroll requires a $100 enrollment deposit. Again, we cannot consider your JLLC application without payment of these fees.

We encourage you to give thoughtful consideration to each question before organizing and forming your response (150–200 words per question). All essay responses must be submitted via the IU Housing Application.

1. The JLLC is a place where students have the talent to succeed, the humility to grow, and the tenacity to persevere. Please describe a single moment in which your talent, humility, or tenacity led to an unexpected learning moment in your life.

2. Describe an issue you are passionate about, and explain why you are passionate about it.

3. Identify a person you admire and explain what you have learned from this person’s life. Please do not select someone to whom you are related.

4. (Optional) What else would you like us to know about you? With your answer, please help us identify you as one of the best potential contributors in our community.

The JLLC is located in Eigenmann Residence Center.

The best way to reach the JLLC staff is via email at If you have an immediate question, please call us at 812-855-0791. Consider signing up for a virtual visit to learn more about the JLLC.

Tour the Jellison Living Learning Center

Tours of the Jellison Living Learning Center vary by semester. To learn more about the JLLC, please contact us at or 812-855-0791.


During the fall semester, JLLC tours take place Mondays at 3 and 4 p.m. and Fridays at 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. If you would like to connect with the JLLC, please contact us at or 812-855-0791.

During the spring semester, JLLC tours take place Mondays at 3 and 4 p.m. and Fridays at 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. If you would like to connect with the JLLC, please contact us at or 812-855-0791.

Tours of the JLLC are not available during the summer. If you are visiting campus between May and August, you can schedule a campus tour through the Office of Admissions.

During the Discover IU Days, you can see a residence hall that has similar accommodations to those found in Eigenmann.