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Need to talk?

If you need support, please email or make an appointment for a 30-minute virtual visit with the counselors at IU Counseling and Psychological Service by calling 812-855-7688. The after-hours crisis line is available to students 24/7— call 812-855-5711 and choose option 1.

Unwind anytime, anywhere

From energy-boosting dance to calm-inducing yoga, explore these free resources to find a physical activity to match your mood:

Feeling uncertain? Focus on the positives.

Start a gratitude journal

Sometimes when we’re feeling uncertain it’s helpful to focus on what we value and what we’re grateful for. This helps pull our focus away from our worries about what might be and what we cannot control. Consider keeping a gratitude journal to lower stress levels, feel calmer, and find new perspective.

Start your gratitude journal

Use this daily planner to establish routines and prioritize wellness.

Balance Week daily planner

Five science-backed tips to deal with uncertainty

  1. Acceptance: Embrace uncertainty as an essential part of life
  2. Gratitude: Zoom in on what’s good
  3. Intentional Kindness: Reach out and be kind to someone
  4. The Bigger Why: Build a bridge of resilience from your sense of meaning
  5. Self-Care: Find comfort in daily rituals 

Source: Happier