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Hodge Hall combines traditional architecture and the latest technology to create your ideal academic home. With state-of-the art classrooms, creative collaboration spaces, and even a trading room, this is where you’ll prepare to become one of tomorrow’s business leaders.

In this virtual tour, our undergraduate Kelley Guides lead you through Hodge Hall and share some of their experiences.

Main Entrance

Hodge Hall Commons

Speaker: Maggie Harrison, Kelley Guide

Hello and welcome to the Kelley School of Business. We're so glad you've decided to tour Hodge Hall today, home to the Kelley undergraduate program. Hodge Hall was renovated in 2014 and today, you will see our building come to life. We're currently in the main Commons area, a popular place for students to study, and hang out between classes.

First Floor

Interactive Video Board

Speaker: Micah Jackson, Kelley Guide

Here behind me is the Kelley Interactive Board. Here, you can see any updates about the Kelley School of Business, as well as some highlights about organizations, students, staff, and faculty. Additionally, one of our primary concerns here at Kelley is your safety. If necessary, the board will show weather and alerts so that all may know the conditions surrounding them.


Speaker: Jacob Cooley, Kelley Guide

At this stop is the K-Cove, where students can come during normal business hours to get help from other students regarding the two technology classes all Kelley students are required to take. The freshman year course covers Excel and Access, while the sophomore level course goes more in depth into Excel. Within these technology classes, professors typically have about four teaching assistants or peer tutors who sit in on the class to help students with immediate questions in order to maintain the flow of the lecture. With the multitude of free resources, such as the K-Cove, office hours, and your peers, students have the potential to truly thrive in these business courses.


This newsstand allows students to pick up newspapers such as The New York Time and The Wall Street Journal for free. *Please note: Filming occurred during the summer and as to not waste resources, some items were unavailable during this time.

The café within the Kelley School is a great place for students to grab a quick snack or cup of coffee in between classes. *Please note: Filming occurred during the summer and as to not waste resources, some items were unavailable during this time.

Balance Room

Speaker: Anna Campbell, Kelley Guide

Now we are arriving at the Kelley Balance Room. The room opened at the start of 2020 and serves as a space for relaxation. You can come in here and disconnect from the craziness of your day. There are yoga mats, hammocks, sound-canceling chairs, and coloring sheets. I love coming in here to de-stress between my classes. The Balance Room was founded to promote student wellness and mental health.

In addition to the Balance Room, Kelley provides a variety of mental health resources and events. Balance at Kelley is a student-run organization that raises mental health awareness, provides supplemental education, and organizes Balance Week. Balance Week occurs during “Dead Week,” the week before finals, and throughout the week events focusing on mental health are held throughout Hodge. They range from small things like free food to free massages. My favorite events are getting to play with the service dogs, getting a massage, and listening to the live music in the lobby.

Business/SPEA Library

Speaker: Anna Campbell, Kelley Guide

Now, onto the Business/SPEA Library, one of my favorite places to hang out. It's impossible to walk through it without running into a friend. It's typically pretty loud and filled with a lot of group meetings. If you need a quieter area to study, you can go to the quiet room or book a private room through the online portal. During midterms and finals, these rooms book up quickly, so you'll want to make sure to book them in advance. Tutoring services are also located in the Business/SPEA Library. It seems like there's always an accounting study group going on every single day. You also have access to researchers who will help you find high-quality sources for projects and presentations.

My favorite thing about the Business/SPEA Library though is seeing all of my friends. I love to go to the cafe for lunch and get the classic three-cheese turkey sandwich and just hang out. My business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, hangs out at the same table every single day, so I know I'll always see a friendly face. We always joke about the library being the most romantic spot on campus, but, honestly, I do think there is some truth behind it. In a lot of ways, the Business/SPEA Library is the heart of the social scene at Kelley.

Second Floor

Prebys Career Center

Speaker: Rebecca Cook, Executive Director, Undergraduate Career Services

Hi everyone. Welcome to the Prebys Career Center. My name is Rebecca Cook and I am the Executive Director of Undergraduate Career Services. So when you think of Prebys, we want you to think of anything career. This includes internships, full-time, includes resume reviews, cover letter reviews, just figuring out what you want to be and how you want to get there. And we're here to help you through that entire process. We have a huge staff dedicated to help you, both professional staff and student peer coaches, that are all here and ready to help whenever you need it. We want you to feel comfortable coming into Prebys and not nervous. So we have a very welcoming staff, a very welcoming location, and lots of opportunities for you.

We have thousands of jobs posted on a regular basis. Some of these companies would be coming to campus to interview in a normal time. Right now, that's not happening and all these interviews are virtual. But we also have a lot of jobs that are posted off-campus. And what this means is, the companies come into our system, post opportunities for you to apply, and we can help you do that, as well.

We have a lot of networking nights and career fairs for you to network with companies and meet people and figure out what it is you want to do and how you want to get there. We're excited to have you here and we hope you come visit us often.


Speaker: Micah Jackson, Kelley Guide

Now here we have classroom 2075, one of the main lecture halls within Hodge Hall. Here, you have some of your main core Kelley class curriculums, such as financial and managerial accounting, introduction to finance, and business law. Additionally, the Kelley School of Business will host case competitions within this classroom or let student organizations book the classroom for meetings and events.


A walkway over Fee Lane serves as a bridge between Hodge Hall and the Godfrey Center. Several of Kelley’s graduate program officers are housed in this space. Photographs of Kelley supporters line one wall, while the other features a beautiful view into the IU Arboretum of the Metz Carillon. The carillon features 65 bells and is one of less than 30 worldwide.

Marketing Department

Speaker: Imiyah Weatherspoon, Kelley Guide

Looking back on my college experience, the one thing that elevates my learning in classes has always been my accessibility to professors. Kelley professors all have office hours and designated office space. This time is designated to best fit your needs for truly whatever you need, whether that's questions on the past lecture or future exams, or you simply want to learn more about your professors’ experiences.

For my business law course, my professor booked a classroom every single week specifically for office hours, and that room would be packed every time. From attending every single week and showing interest, I was offered an undergraduate assistant position.

Office hours are a gateway for closer access to professors and special opportunities such as scholarships, internships, and tutoring positions. Overall, Kelley faculty are large supporters of you. So it's important to maximize your relationships with them. These connections will last beyond your time here.

Undergraduate Offices

Speaker: Maggie Harrison, Kelley Guide

Welcome to Hodge Hall room 2030. In this office you will find the Kelley Institute for Social Impact (KISI), Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives (KODI), Student Life including Kelley Student Government, and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Third Floor

Dan and Maureen Aron Investment Center

Speaker: Jacob Cooley, Kelley Guide

This is the Dan and Maureen Aron Investment Center, which is a stock trading room with state-of-the-art informational resources. The room houses multiple Bloomberg terminals, which are used for monitoring real-time market data and placing trades. Only students in the Investment Management Workshop or in the Knall-Cohen Fund can access this room via their student IDs.

The Investment Management Workshop is one of the 13 competitive Workshop programs that our school currently offers. Typically, students apply for these workshops by the end of their sophomore year and participate in them in their junior and senior years. But, all requirements for each Workshop can be found on the Kelley website.

The biggest advantages of being a part of one of the Workshops are that they provide exclusive networking opportunities with alumni and the chance for an in-depth look into a potential career field. However, if you do not join one of the Workshops, this does not mean that you cannot end up in that specific career field in the future.

Undergraduate Advising

Speaker: Imiyah Weatherspoon, Kelley Guide

The Advising Office is a great resource for all students. Every single student is matched with an advisor and this relationship is truly what you make out of it. I've always felt so supported by my advisor, no matter what path I was thinking of that week. Advisors ensure that you're making degree progress and that you're in classes with schedules that best suit your needs. Not only do they help with the journey of being a Kelley student, they're also preparing you for postgraduate plans.

Study Abroad & Honors

Speaker: Micah Jackson, Kelley Guide

On the third floor of Hodge Hall is Kelley's Study Abroad and Honors offices, conveniently located within the same room. Kelley offers 59 study abroad programs in 29 different countries that range from being semester-long, summer-long, and short-term experiences. Short-term experience typically lasts about two weeks. Additionally, Kelley offers a robust Business Honors program for high achieving students. After having a strong first semester, students are encouraged to apply to the program early on within the start of their second semester of freshman year. If you have any questions, such as requirements, GPA, academic and conduct standing, timing, available scholarships, or find yourself just curious about either of these opportunities, we strongly encourage scheduling an appointment with advisors within each respective office.