Tips to Earn Admission

Set yourself up for successful standard admission to Kelley.

At Kelley, we’re eager to help you achieve your goals—including earning standard admission to the Kelley School of Business. 

Standard admission requirements are rigorous. The required courses are often challenging for our most talented, hardworking students. With discipline and guidance, you can earn the A’s and B’s you need to succeed. 

The Kelley Admission team is here to support you. Call 812-855-4474 to schedule a meeting to talk about your goals and make a plan to get there.

You’ve got this.

Earning standard admission to Kelley requires focus and determination. Watch the video for advice and encouragement from current students who achieved standard admission.

Computers in Business (BUS-K201)

K-201 introduces the role of computers in business with Microsoft Excel and Access. Adam Pistey’s tips for success include utilizing resources such as Kelley Peer Tutoring.

Basic Accounting Skills (BUS-A100)

Go at your own pace to excel in this entry-level accounting class, says Sharod Holmes.

Business Presentations (BUS-C104)

Diana Rath offers advice to give you more confidence in your presentations. Don’t forget to utilize Kelley Peer Tutoring for this class, too!   

Intro to Microeconomics (ECON-E201)

Tyler Clemons talks about how to stay focused in this class about the evolution of market structure.

Finite Mathematics (MATH-M118)

To do your best in Finite or Calculus, follow Evan Brown’s tips and utilize student resources including IU Academic Support Centers, math tutoring, and one-on-one academic coaching.

  • Use the IU Academic Support Centers across campus to get help with quantitative, science, and/or writing courses. ASCs are located in Briscoe, Forest, and Teter.
  • The Math Learning Center is a great resource for you to get peer assistance with math-specific courses such as Finite and Calculus.
  • Visit one of the Writing Tutorial Services locations across campus to get feedback on your papers and other writing assignments. Although WTS don’t edit papers, they can provide you with tools to enhance your writing skills and improve your writing assignments.

The Kelley Undergraduate Admission team is happy to assist you in making sure you are on track to apply to Kelley. Additionally, they can provide credential reviews giving you individualized feedback concerning your academic record and how it will impact your Kelley admission application. Call 812-855-4474 to schedule a meeting with a Kelley Admission team member.