Coaching and Tutoring

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants provide support with BUS-K 201 The Computer in Business & BUS-K 204 The Computer in Business – Honors. Enrolled students learn about help sessions and office hours in the course syllabus as well as other class materials.

Computers in Business (BUS-K201)

Business Presentations (BUS-C104)

Indiana University Academic Support Resources

  • Use the IU Academic Support Centers across campus to get help with quantitative, science, and/or writing courses. ASCs are located in Briscoe, Forest, and Teter.
  • The Math Learning Center is a great resource for you to get peer assistance with math-specific courses such as Finite and Calculus.
  • Visit one of the Writing Tutorial Services locations across campus to get feedback on your papers and other writing assignments. Although WTS tutors don’t edit papers, they can provide you with tools to enhance your writing skills and improve your writing assignments.