Communication, Professional & Computer Skills

Earn the skills that set you apart.

With Communication, Professional, and Computer Skills courses, you’ll become a professional that employers value—and hire.

Become your best with Communication, Professional, and Computer Skills.

Communication, Professional, and Computer Skills courses teach the skills necessary for lasting career success. An integral part of the Kelley Undergraduate curriculum, these required and elective courses enable students to stand out in the job market and achieve more in their careers.


Become a confident speaker with outstanding presentation and business writing skills.


Build your personal brand, develop interview and job search skills, and learn to lead effectively.


Understand how to manage and analyze data to support business decisions.

Set yourself up for success.

Peer coaches and tutors provide free academic help for professional and computer skills courses. Students in Business Communications (C204/C205) and The Computer in Business (K201/K204) are encouraged to seek out a coach or tutor to work through concepts and receive feedback.

My team of interns presented to the most prominent people in the company. I was confident because of what I learned in C104: Business Presentations. After the presentation, the CEO came up to me and said, ‘You will work for us next year, I will make sure of it.’Jack Stefanek, BS’19, Electrical Project Manager/Estimator, Shambaugh & Son