Peer Coaches

Need help with I-Core prerequisites? Get a peer coach.

The Kelley Academic Peer Coaching Program provides free, high-quality, and easily accessible academic coaching. The program consists of more than 80 peer coaches who have been vetted and trained by Kelley faculty and staff. Peer coaches are available for the following courses:

  • BUS-A100
  • BUS-A304 (Not offered for honors sections A307 and A309)
  • BUS-A306 (Not offered for honors sections A307 and A309)
  • BUS-C104/BUS-C106
  • BUS-C204/BUS-C205
  • BUS-G202
  • MATH-M 118 (Kelley and pre-Kelley students only)

Schedule a Coaching Appointment

After you enroll in business courses, read the bios of the coaches assigned to your class and set up an appointment to meet.

Appointment requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance. You can expect a response from the coach within 36 hours. Scheduling at least 5 days in advance is encouraged.

Only request a coach for a class in which you’re currently enrolled. For example, only students enrolled in BUS-A 304 should request an appointment with a BUS-A 304 coach. Appointments focus on course-specific content, and each peer coach only provides assistance for a single course.

Only request one peer coach per course at a time. If one peer coach responds indicating they are unable to meet with you, you may then submit a new appointment request to another coach.

Students may only reserve two appointments per course at any one time.

MATH-M 118 appointments are available only to admitted Kelley students and pre-Kelley University Division students. Other students are encouraged to utilize the free MATH-M 118 support resources offered by the Mathematics Department and the IU Student Academic Center.

Special note about peer tutors for BUS-K201/BUS-K204 and BUS-K303/BUS-K304: Ask your professor, or a current peer tutor in your class, for information on how to use their services.