Leadership Program

Get support and coaching from your peers.

Our learning environment encourages friendly competition, but offers plenty of peer-to-peer support. You won’t be entering into a “cut throat” learning landscape—in fact, thoughtful peer-to-peer interaction is one of the things that makes the program so strong. 

The Honors Leadership Program lends itself to this support. It was established to support you as you develop the highly-valued interpersonal, leadership, and coaching skills your future employers, partners, and investors are looking for.

As a sophomore or junior, you’ll have access to a mentor from the Honors Leadership Team (HLT). HLT members are selected from a candidate pool of top seniors. They undergo a selection process based on their extracurricular involvement, career training, and academic experiences. These seniors are ready to help you make the most of your time at Kelley.

All incoming sophomores will be given an opportunity to give their HLT Mentor preferences and will meet their mentors at orientation in August.

My favorite aspect of Business Honors is the ability to be challenged by my peers who are also trying to help me achieve my goals.

Josh Just, BS'18, Finance and International Business, Incoming Investment Banking Analyst at William Blair