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Discover how the Global Business and Social Enterprise (GLOBASE) program prepares Kelley MBA students to become global leaders.

In this video series, Kelley MBA students participate in the GLOBASE consulting project in China. Watch to learn how the GLOBASE China experience transforms the students’ understanding of international business, corporate social responsibility, and mindful leadership.

Mindful Leadership

Description of the video:

GLOBASE China: Mindful Leadership

Alex Ivanov, Full-Time MBA student:
GLOBASE China helped me be more mindful leader, that I was able to connect the dots of academic research on mindful leadership and understand what mindful leadership means.

Rebecca Cook, Director of the MBA Program, Staff Advisor:
It's an opportunity for the students to showcase what they can bring to the table. How can I lead by example, how can I create a situation where people are comfortable, where they can give feedback, but then we all can grow individually?

Queenie Wu, Full-Time MBA student:
In a real world, you are working with different people from a diverse background. As a GLOBASE leader, I learned a lot of tactics that I can apply in the future in my job. It's a great opportunity to be engaged and also take the ownership as a leader.

Rebecca Cook:
It really is an opportunity for students to work with ambiguity and to try new things and to fail and know that that's okay.

David Hanger, Full-Time MBA student:
In business, things are happening all the time at very high speeds, but what's important is that you should take a step back every once in a while and think about the purpose. Think about why you're doing something and who you are in those moments and when you're making important decisions, as well as how you can make an impact in bigger communities as well as small ones.