Recommended Academies: Consulting, Capital Markets or Strategic Finance

  • Major requirements: Select 15 credit hours total, including your “outside” courses. Both required courses must be completed.
  • Major electives: Select at least six elective courses.
  • Outside courses: Select any two additional courses from the MBA Program outside of the finance major. The following general graduation requirement courses do not qualify as outside courses: A548, L507, X504, X505, X507, X515, X516, and X517.
  • Minor requirements: A total of at least six credit hours are required. At least one of the two required courses must be completed.
  • Minor electives: If one required course is completed, pick three courses from the list of electives; if two required courses are completed, pick two courses from the list of electives.

STEM-designated Major

This major is STEM-designated by the US government, reflecting the curriculum’s focus on analytics, technology, and data-driven decision making. Learn more about this certification and what it means for US and international students.

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