Gain international leadership experience doing a project that has the potential to change people's lives forever.

Work directly with entrepreneurs and nonprofits in emerging economies around the world, giving them tools to tackle their unique business challenges. The Global Business and Social Enterprise (GLOBASE) program was founded in 2009 and has served more than 50 small-to-medium sized business and nonprofit clients in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

GLOBASE projects are carefully selected to create positive social impact. Teams work with nonprofit organizations and support “pillar of the community” businesses. They give their clients tools to clear barriers to growth, identify expansion opportunities, find markets for their products, hire the best talent and plan for the future.

Here’s a sample of past projects:

  • Guatemala: Students undertook a Voice of the Customer analysis to understand the current brand image for a bakery and coffee shop. The project team also delivered options to update products and prices, including a recommendation for seasonal products.
  • India: Working with an NGO that serves the rural population in Northern India, a student team explored how women farmers groups could become economically self-sustainable. They proposed different ledger mechanisms to monitor production and costs at different levels, such as individual farmer, women farmers group and sales collective.
  • Botswana: A student team worked with a milling company suffering from reduced profitability. The project team developed a plan to increase production capacity by reducing processing time and cutting waste, created a cash prioritization plan and a financial forecasting tool and developed a plan to professionalize sales terms, contracts and communication.
  • Native: Student teams have partnered in past years with the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce (RMICC) in Denver to help Native businesses expand globally by planning and marketing two international trade delegations. More recently they have teamed with the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California to select clients. Projects included developing business plans and creating forecast models of future revenues and costs for a brand-new business as well as developing a new marketing strategy for a mature nonprofit, including donor management, social media marketing and website presence. 
  • Vietnam: Projects focus on social enterprise with many participating clients striving for social or environmental impact. Students worked on various projects including the development of a strategic operational plan to ensure that production could meet the demand of a growing new business as well as producing a plan to boost marketing efforts. Another team of students helped a different client rebrand and develop a marketing strategy.  


In our GLOBASE Vietnam video series, Kelley MBA students discuss all aspects of the GLOBASE program, from establishing a vision to the in-country experience and follow-up. Learn more.

Description of the video:

It starts with a vision to develop international business consulting skills 25 first-year MBAs work in teams to consult with clients

Five second-year students lead the project

This is their moment to solve a real business challenge

To impact real people - Business leaders, farmers, factory workers, families

To lead

To explore

To grow

And come together to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of students GLOBASE Vietnam


For partners, GLOBASE offers free consulting services by graduate MBA students focused on solving a business problem or improving business processes. Our students are trained in many areas such as marketing, finance, strategy, operations, supply chain, accounting, management and innovation (see sample projects above). Student teams provide high-quality recommendations tailored to their clients' needs by the end of the consulting period. Each GLOBASE consulting team is overseen by a second-year MBA student leadership team and a faculty advisor from the Kelley School, to ensure their work meets high standards of quality.

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As a team, our largest takeaway was working through a project with a great deal of ambiguity in the project scope. It was not until we were in country that we truly realized what was most important to the client and started receiving key information on their business. We learned to remain flexible. There were multiple times throughout the project that the direction of our implementation and deliverable changed. Finally, we learned to prioritize questions to the client as we had limited face time.

Whitney Hamilton, MBA'20, team member for GLOBASE China 2019