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Peer Coaches

Need help with I-Core prerequisites? Get a peer coach.

The Kelley Academic Peer Coaching Program provides free, high-quality, and easily accessible academic coaching. The program consists of more than 80 peer coaches who have been vetted and trained by Kelley faculty and staff. Peer coaches are available for the following courses:

  • BUS-A100
  • BUS-A201 (except Prof. Glass’s online sections)
  • BUS-A202 (except Prof. Glass’s online sections)
  • BUS-C104/BUS-C106
  • BUS-C204/BUS-C205
  • BUS-G202

Are you excelling in a subject, and interested in becoming a peer coach?

Businesses today actively seek employees who know how to coach people with a wide range of abilities and who come from diverse cultural and national backgrounds. Many firms consider the ability to coach others an indispensable leadership quality. The Kelley Academic Peer Coaching Program will provide you with the opportunity to give back to Kelley, work with a diverse group of people, and develop this important and highly sought-after leadership ability.

Peer coaches are a critical resource for the Kelley and IU Bloomington community. As a coach, you will not only support students academically and work closely with Kelley faculty and staff, but also develop your communication, mentoring, and leadership abilities.

If you excelled in one of the courses listed above (or the honors version of A201 or A202), are reliable and passionate about helping others, and can commit to three hours a week of coaching, consider applying for a peer coaching position.