Investment Management Workshop

Interested students gain early exposure to the capital markets industry in the Investment Management Workshop, directed by Kenneth Weakley. The workshop prepares students for the competitive recruitment process for jobs in security research and sales as well as trading positions.

Workshop Application and Admission

Sophomores in their fall semester (applications close late September). The deadline is September 24, 2021.

  • Passionate about the markets
  • Strong academic record
  • Knowledge of basic market concepts and current events
  • Extracurricular involvement on campus

The only prerequisite is a passion for the markets. Apart from that, we evaluate the candidates holistically and take all aspects into consideration. For example, we do not have a GPA cutoff.

  • Application deadline: September 24, 2021
  • First round: early October
  • 2nd and 3rd round: late October
  • Decision: November 1

Decisions will be communicated on November 1.

Complete the application by September 24, 2021. Interviews will take place in October. Professor Weakley will notify accepted candidates on November 1.

Workshop Courses
  • BUS-F428 Investment Management Workshop I (1.5 credits), spring of sophomore year
  • BUS-F429 Investment Management Workshop II (1.5 credits), junior or senior year

Note: Knall Cohen (BUS-F212) is not a required course. It is held during fall of sophomore year for students who want to learn more about equity research and provides early insight to freshmen who are passionate about the markets.

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Workshop Time Commitment

  • 1.5 credit, eight-week class in spring of sophomore year, with a focus on fundamental equity analysis, relative valuation, macroeconomics, and stock-picking
  • Supplementary sessions with leadership team. Topics will include but will not be limited to professionalism, networking, and technical concepts such as monetary policy, bonds, currencies, commodities, securitized products, options, and other derivative financial instruments.
  • Networking trips to New York and Chicago in spring of sophomore year
  • Training the Street session on financial modeling and valuation
  • Research, sales and trading, private wealth management, and asset management panels
  • A junior and senior mentor to advise the recruiting process and conduct mock interviews
  • Weekly speaker series

Workshop Faculty

Kenneth Weakley

Clinical Assistant Professor of Finance

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