Investment Management Workshop

Develop the knowledge to excel in a career in equity research, sales and trading, or private wealth with the resources of the Investment Management Workshop

The Investment Management Workshop prepares 45+ students for high-quality summer internships and full-time positions to achieve our goal of 100% professional placement. Through rigorous coursework, networking opportunities, and one-on-one training, the workshop provides dedicated students with the means to succeed in a career in investment management.

Through the program, students will:

  • Engage with an incredible network of hundreds of workshop alumni through 1:1 alumni conversations and weekly alumni speakers
  • Experience in-person networking trips to Wall Street firms in New York City and Chicago
  • Learn how to analyze the markets from Professor Kenneth Weakley, a former top-ranked healthcare sell side equity analyst, in two intensive academic courses
  • Develop both behavioral and technical skills through 22 leadership team lectures, Training the Street programming, and a plethora of resources
  • Interact with like-minded students and build relationships with future professionals

Knall-Cohen Investment Fund (F212)

The Knall-Cohen Fund is an endowment position in the Indiana University Foundation donated by David Knall and Jeff Cohen of Stifel Nicolaus in Indianapolis for the purpose of teaching students fundamental sell-side research analysis. The Fund is structured as a long-only portfolio of US mid-capitalization and large-capitalization equities with $240,000 under management, as of May 2022.

The course requires students to work in teams to write an analysis of the assigned economic sector, develop a written stock pitch, and create models, culminating in a final stock pitch to a board of IU alumni on Wall Street. In this class, students are taught in-depth fundamental analysis, comparable company analysis, revenue modeling, valuation modeling, and current events.

Applications to the Knall-Cohen Fund will become available at the beginning of the spring semester of freshman year. Successful applicants will undergo an interview process with the leadership team and Professor Weakley and take the class in the fall of their sophomore year.

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After Graduation

  • Average salary after graduation is $96,000
  • Class of 2022: 100% placement (47 in a full-time job, 1 in graduate school)
  • Class of 2023: 100% placement

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