Investment Banking Workshop

Prepare for an investment banking career with the opportunities and connections the Investment Banking Workshop offers.

The Investment Banking Workshop is designed to guide high-performing students through the rigors of investment banking recruitment by providing educational opportunities and hands-on training. The objective for the student program is to obtain quality placement with investment banking firms, and the objective for the alumni network is for alumni to become high-performing professionals within the financial services industry.

Specifically, the Investment Banking Workshop:

  • leverages the power of the Kelley alumni network in preparing students to become outstanding performers while building Kelley's established presence in the financial services industry
  • propels students well ahead of their peers from other universities during internships and full-time employment with Wall Street firms by promoting technical and mental preparation and teaching them "how to play the game"
  • provides the coaching and nurturing necessary for students to accelerate their careers
  • creates numerous environments for alumni to contribute to and strengthen the professional development of our students well beyond graduation

The Investment Banking Workshop has earned Kelley a reputation as one of the nation's finest schools for developing investment banking talent, placing 70+ undergraduates per year with investment banking firms. Top financial services firms across the country recruit our students in record numbers for internship and full-time placements. Graduates of the program are valued because they've developed the skills, discipline, and knowledge required for success in the financial services industry.


placement in internships or full-time investment banking positions


among public universities in placing students into wall street jobs


industry contacts in alumni network

After Graduation

  • Average annual salary for analysts is $80,000 to $90,000
  • First-year analysts' bonuses ranged from $40,000 to $90,000 based on performance
  • High rate of conversion from analyst to associate, if one decides to stay in investment banking
  • Alumni who leave investment banking after two to three years find terrific jobs at private equity firms and hedge funds such as KKR, TPG, Carlyle, GTCR, BDT Capital, Centerbridge, and many more.

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