Second-Year Academies

Enhance your professional development with a second-year Academy.

Second-year Academies are optional, and offer students an opportunity to further develop skills in entrepreneurship innovation, leadership or life sciences. Your second-year Academy builds on what you learn in your first-year Academy. While the first-year Academy focuses on functional knowledge, the second year provides a cross-functional learning experience that enhances your professional development.

Activities are structured in a similar matter to the first-year Academies and include advanced coursework, industry speakers, networking opportunities and special research projects.

The second-year Academy also offers you an opportunity to build on what you learn in internship during the summer between your first and second year. Coming back to MBA Program after your internship, you will have a clearer idea on what areas of business knowledge and leadership you need to focus on to achieve success.

Kelley brought out in me a fearlessness to try new things, to think differently and to push my mind to expand what the possibilities are. Kelley was extremely nurturing, and it’s a place that I still consider home. It is a place where I grew and learned who I really was and the kind of person that I wanted to be.Shannon Watkins, MBA'02, Senior Director/Group Director, Powerade