Investment Banking Workshop

The Investment Banking Workshop, directed by Susan Monaco and Steve Sibley, seeks to immerse Kelley’s highest-performing finance and accounting students in the financial services industry.

Admitted workshop members will take 3 credit hours. Additional professional development opportunities include two Alumni Super Friday Seminars, two pitch competitions, field trips to New York City and Chicago, and specialized training with Training with the Street. The curriculum begins for freshmen in the Financial Services Club, where students learn the basics about the industry.

Workshop Application and Admission

Sophomores in the fall semester, assuming students are spending four years at IU.If students are taking 4.5 or 5 years to complete undergraduate work, or are 3/2 MBA students, they should apply in the fall semester of their junior year.

Admittance into the Investment Banking Workshop will be based on the student's application, cumulative GPA of at least a 3.60 as of August, and grade performance in F210 Investment Banking and Capital Markets.

Additional soft skills will be evaluated during the application period and an interview that will take place at the end of F210.

The application process begins with students enrolling in F255 in the fall semester of their sophomore year. Based on their performance in F255 and their application form due in September, students may be permitted to continue the application process by enrolling in F210.


Formal Investment Banking Workshop activities change from year to year based on employer hiring practices but generally begin in the spring semester of a student’s sophomore year.

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Highly Recommended Course

  • BUS-F 100: Introduction to Financial and Real Estate Careers (3 credits); first-year

Required Pre-Workshop Courses

  • BUS-F 255 – TOPIC: Introduction to Corporate Finance (1.5 credits); fall of second year
  • BUS-F 210: Investment Banking & Capital Markets (1.5 credits); fall of second year

Workshop Courses

  • BUS-F 310: Investment Banking Workshop I (1.5 credits); spring of second year
  • BUS-F 400: Investment Banking Workshop II (1.5 credits); fall of fourth year

Workshop Time Commitment

While students are not expected to have any experience in the financial services industry, they should demonstrate a passion for accounting, finance, and the financial markets. The Investment Banking Workshop historically has placed students into traditional investment banking positions in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and client-facing industry or coverage groups. Students applying for the workshop should demonstrate their knowledge and interest in these career options.

Once admitted to the workshop, students should prioritize workshop activities, including helping their workshop peers. While we expect students to apply to multiple Kelley workshops, as workshop participation is important to the development of students’ education, students should expect that they can only be a part of the Investment Banking Workshop if they are not members of other Kelley workshops. To be in good standing in the workshop, a member must commit to attending any required meetings and networking sessions with alumni and employers within the field.

Workshop Faculty

Susan Monaco

Clinical Associate Professor

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Steve Sibley

Clinical Assistant Professor of Finance

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