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At Kelley, you’ll develop the experience and skills to build lasting momentum for your career. With a long list of top-ranked majors, minors, and a certificate, you’ll find the unique combination to achieve your goals.





Choosing Your Major: How and When?

Many Kelley students wait to choose a major until they’ve moved through most of the curriculum. This approach gives you an opportunity to select the major that’s exactly right for you. No false starts. No wasted credit hours. Tailor your degree as you discover new interests and strengths.

You don’t need to finalize your major until the end of your third year. It’s a valuable—and powerful—part of earning your degree at the Kelley School.

Business Majors and Co-Majors

Regardless of how or when you choose your major, you will develop expertise in economics, marketing, operations, strategy, global business, and business ethics.

Study the methods involved in making a financial record of business transactions and the preparation of statements concerning the assets, liabilities, and operating results of a business. Careers include positions in auditing, corporate accounting, management consulting, governmental and not-for-profit organizations, and taxation.

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Complement your primary major with advanced business analytics skills to better integrate data insights into your analyses and decision-making.

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This co-major provides a blend of conceptual and analytical approaches that will hone your critical thinking and data-driven decision-making. This training is especially relevant for careers with technology and data providers.

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With this co-major, you can complement a functional area major such as Finance, Accounting, or Supply Chain Management with a background in Information Technology.

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Learn forecasting techniques and how to apply of micro- and macroeconomics to the problems of business. Careers include economists in the fields of banking, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, insurance, real estate, finance, mining, and retailing. You could also become an economic consultant.

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Earn the skills to create and manage a small business. As an added bonus, you’ll have access to Kelley’s renowned Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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Gain expertise in corporate finance, investments, banking, and international finance. Careers include financial analyst at a corporation, broker at an investment firm, loan officer at a bank, stock broker, insurance agent, or real estate agent.

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Bridge the gap between the business and technology sides of any organization, nurturing the alignment between technological innovation and the functional areas of the firm in order to maximize value.

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Learn about the underlying economic, political, and social trends of foreign nations and position yourself to work for companies with a multinational focus. This co-major must be paired with another Kelley undergraduate major.

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The Law, Ethics & Decision making (LEAD) co-major will make you a better decision-maker with greater awareness of the global legal environment of business and the ethical dimensions of business decisions.

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Learn how to manage organizations, such as businesses, governments, hospitals, and universities. You’ll be able to work in any career that benefits from an understanding of how to work with others in an organizational setting.

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Marketing encompasses all activities related to the creation, promotion, and distribution of goods and services by producers, for consumers. Prepare for careers in professional sales, corporate retail, marketing research, advertising, and brand management.

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This major examines organizational processes using readily available and practical analytical tools. You'll learn to manage the operations of complex, computer-integrated firms, such as manufacturing companies, multi-branch banking, retail chains, international assembly plants, and distribution centers.

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Provide products and services to other businesses as a professional sales representative. You’ll gain the necessary knowledge and skills to create value for business customers and solve customer problems. 

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Learn forecasting techniques as well as how to apply micro- and macroeconomics when analyzing the effect of governmental policies on the business environment. Public Policy Analysis majors often find work as analysts in regulated industries, such as public utilities, performing a wide variety of tasks as opposed to highly specialized work.

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In addition to learning about finance, you will gain specialized knowledge to represent buyers, sellers, and owners in real estate transactions. Careers include real estate broker, corporate real estate professional, or property manager for a corporation.

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Learn to plan, organize, and manage the flow of purchased materials into and out of organizations.  Careers include working as buyers, contract negotiators, supplier relations, inventory managers, transportation managers, import/export goods managers, and purchasing or logistics planners/analysts.

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Gain valuable perspective on integrating sustainability into corporate strategy. This co-major complements a functional area of business with a strong background in sustainable business strategy and implementation.

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*These are co-majors you can take with another Kelley major.

Business Minors and Certificate

Earning a minor or certificate from the top-ranked Kelley School of Business will get you closer to achieving your career goals. Students pursuing nonbusiness undergraduate degrees at IU Bloomington, who have completed at least 30 hours of college work that count toward graduation, are eligible to complete any or all of the business minors and certificate.

Develop your general business knowledge and skills, from the basics of accounting to the principles of strategic management.

Want to open your own business or work for a smaller, perhaps family-owned, business? This minor will strengthen your entrepreneurial skills and prepare you to contribute innovative ideas.

Every business decision, in one way or another, comes down to money. The courses in this minor will improve your abilities in finance.

To succeed in business, you have to understand consumers and how to communicate with them. 

While minors offer depth in an area of business, this stand-alone certificate offers breadth, providing an introduction to the basic concepts of business administration. It’s a good fit for both working professionals and students who want entry-level business positions.

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