International Business

International Business Co-Major

The International Business co-major, which must be paired with another Kelley undergraduate major, focuses on the new and dynamic patterns of international business. Many of today’s companies are now becoming multinational, with production units in numerous foreign countries, so business students are wise to learn about the underlying economic, political, and social trends of foreign nations.

International business is a co-major, and students must also major in another business area. Students who study international business, in addition to 9 credits of required courses, must also complete 6 credits of electives, with at least 3 credits in Business or Economics.

Required Courses

Required Cross-Cultural Awareness

Satisfy this requirement in one of three ways:

  • Demonstrate foreign language proficiency at 4th semester college level (or higher).

NOTE: International students for whom English is not their first language demonstrate English proficiency by completing all required SLST courses and completing ENG-W 131 and BUS-C 204 with C grades.

  • Complete an approved semester or summer study abroad program of at least six credits.
  • Complete a total of six credits in two or more approved short-term international study programs.

Electives (9 credit hours; at least 3 credit hours must be BUS courses)

See a Kelley International Programs advisor for more information on electives taken during Kelley study abroad programs.